Richard Hughes


for ZIF 0.3.7

I. ZIF Specification
ZIF Introduction
Overall Description
II. libzif GObject library
ZifCategory — Category of packages
ZifChangeset — ChangeLog data entry
ZifConfig — System wide config options
ZifDepend — A package dependency
ZifDownload — Download packages
ZifGroups — Category to group mapping
ZifHistory — Discover details about past transactions
ZifLegal — Check licenses
ZifLock — Lock the package system
ZifMdComps — Comps metadata
ZifMdFilelistsSql — File list metadata
ZifMdFilelistsXml — FilelistsXml metadata
ZifMdMetalink — Metalink metadata
ZifMdMirrorlist — Mirrorlist metadata
ZifMdOtherSql — Other metadata
ZifMdPrimarySql — Primary metadata
ZifMdPrimaryXml — PrimaryXml metadata
ZifMdUpdateinfo — Updateinfo metadata
ZifMd — Metadata base class
ZifMonitor — Monitor files for changes
ZifPackageLocal — Local package
ZifPackageRemote — Remote package
ZifPackageRhn — RHN package
ZifPackage — An installed or remote package
ZifRepos — Manage software sources
ZifState — Progress reporting
ZifStoreLocal — Store for installed packages
ZifStoreMeta — A meta store is a store that can operate on installed, remote or installed packages.
ZifStoreRemote — Store for remote packages
ZifStoreRhn — Store for installed packages
ZifStore — Collection of packages
ZifUpdateInfo — Update information
ZifUpdate — Information about an update
III. libzif glib helpers
zif-package-array — Arrays of packages
zif-store-array — Container for one or more stores
zif-string — Reference counted strings
zif-utils — Simple utility functions
Annotation Glossary