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OpenCL 1.1 software implementation

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Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
api_command.cpp [code]Command queues
api_context.cpp [code]Contexts
api_device.cpp [code]Devices
api_enqueue.cpp [code]Events
api_event.cpp [code]Special events and event management
api_flush.cpp [code]ClFlush and clFinish
api_gl.cpp [code]OpenGL bindings (unimplemented)
api_kernel.cpp [code]Kernels
api_memory.cpp [code]Memory objects
api_platform.cpp [code]Platform
api_profiling.cpp [code]Profiling of events
api_program.cpp [code]Programs
api_sampler.cpp [code]Samplers
buffer.cpp [code]CPU buffer
buffer.h [code]CPU buffer
builtins.cpp [code]Native OpenCL C built-in functions
builtins.h [code]CPU built-in functions
clcompiler.cpp [code]
commandqueue.cpp [code]Command queue
commandqueue.h [code]Command queue and base class for events
compiler.cpp [code]Compiler wrapper around Clang
compiler.h [code]Compiler wrapped around Clang
context.cpp [code]Context
context.h [code]OpenCL context
device.cpp [code]CPU Device
device.h [code]CPU device
deviceinterface.h [code]Abstraction layer between Clover core and the devices
events.cpp [code]Events inheriting Coal::Event
events.h [code]All the event-related classes
cpu/kernel.cpp [code]CPU kernel
kernel.cpp [code]Kernel
cpu/kernel.h [code]CPU kernel
kernel.h [code]Kernel
memobject.cpp [code]Memory objects
memobject.h [code]Memory objects
object.cpp [code]Reference-counted object tree
object.h [code]Object tree
cpu/program.cpp [code]CPU program
program.cpp [code]Program
cpu/program.h [code]CPU program
program.h [code]Program
propertylist.h [code]Helper macros for info() functions
cpu/sampler.cpp [code]OpenCL C image access functions
sampler.cpp [code]Sampler
sampler.h [code]Sampler object
worker.cpp [code]Code running in the worker threads launched by Coal::CPUDevice
worker.h [code]Function run by the CPU worker threads
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