Chapter 3. QEMU Spice Reference

Table of Contents

QEMU Spice command line options
QEMU QXL command line options
QEMU Console Spice control commands
QEMU Console Spice info commands

QEMU Spice command line options

They are covered in QEMU online documentation. Basic syntax is -spice <spice_options>

  • [port=<port>][,tls-port=<tls-port>][,addr=<addr>] Listen on interface addr <addr> (if given, otherwise any interface) using port <port> and/or tls-port <tls-port> (at least one of them must be given)
  • ipv4=<on|off> IPv4 only (default:off)
  • ipv6=<on|off> IPv6 only (default:off)
  • image-compression=on|auto_glz|auto_lz|quic|glz|lz|off Set image compression (default=on=auto_glz) quic is based on the SFALIC algorithm lz is the Lempel-Ziv algorithm, glz uses lz with history based global dictionary The auto_[glz/lz] modes choose between the [glz/lz] and quic, based on the image properties
  • streaming-video=<all|filter|off> Set video streams detection and (lossy) compression (default=filter)
  • playback-compression=<on|off> Set playback compression, using the CELT algorithm (default=on)
  • jpeg-wan-compression=<auto|never|always> (default = auto)
  • zlib-glz-wan-compression=<auto|never|always> (default = auto)
  • disable-ticketing Enables client connection with no password.
  • password=<password> Set ticket password, which must be used by a client for connection. The passwords never expires.
  • sasl=<on|off>
  • x509-dir=<dir_name>
  • x509-key-file=<key_file> TLS private key file
  • x509-key-password=<pem_password> Password to open the private key file which is in PEM format
  • x509-cert-file=<cert_file> TLS certificate file
  • tls-cacert-file=<ca_file> SSL certificates file of the trusted CA (certificate authority) and CRL (certificate revocation list)
  • x509-dh-key-file=<dh_file> Symmetric Diffie-Hellman key file
  • tls-ciphers=<ciphers> Cipher suite to use, see or ciphers(1)
  • tls-channel=[all|channel_name] plaintext-channel=[all|channel_name] Force TLS/plain text connection on all/specific channels. This option can be specified multiple times in order to force multiple channels to use TLS or plain text. Channels are: main, display, inputs, cursor, playback and record By default, any channel allows both TLS and plain text connection, depending on the port and tls-port parameters.
  • agent-mouse=<on|off> Define whether spice agent is used for client mouse mode (default=on)
  • disable-copy-paste=<on|off> (default=off)
  • disable-agent-file-xfer=<on|off> (default=off)
  • seamless-migration=<on|off> (default=off)