Interface org.freedesktop.Telepathy.Channel.Type.ServerAuthentication.DRAFT

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AuthenticationInformation a{sv} (Auth_Details) Read only
AuthenticationMethod u (Authentication_Type) Read only


Authentication_Type Enum u
Auth_Details Mapping a{sv}
WARNING: This interface is experimental and is likely to cause havoc to your API/ABI if bindings are generated. Do not include this interface in libraries that care about compatibility.
Objects implementing this interface must also implement:


The type for a channel representing an authentication step with the server. The actual authentication functionality is implemented by additional interfaces, such as Channel.Interface.SASLAuthentication.DRAFT, depending on the value of AuthenticationMethod.


Accessed using the org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties interface.

AuthenticationInformation — a{sv} (Auth_Details)

Read only
Dictionary of information given by the CM which can be used by the handler for authentication.

AuthenticationMethod — u (Authentication_Type)

Read only
This property defines the method used for the current authentication step. The functionality for each method is on a separate interface on the same channel; for example, channels with this property set to Authentication_Type SASL MUST implement Channel.Interface.SASLAuthentication.DRAFT.


Enum (Permalink)

Authentication_Type — u

  • SASL (0)
  • SASL authentication.
  • Captcha (1)
  • Captcha authentication.
Mapping (Permalink)

Auth_Details — a{sv}

An extensible map representing details provided by the server for authentication. Well-known keys, along with the type expected in the corresponding value:

username (string)
Username to authenticate with, if needed
realm (string)
Realm to use for authentication, if needed
session-id (string)
XMPP session id, as needed for the legacy jabber digest method.
  • Key — s
  • A key for a detail, which SHOULD be one of the well-known keys, if possible.
  • Value — v
  • The detail's value.