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Flash b Read only
Added in 0.19.12. Imported from rtcom-telepathy-glib, with the unused properties removed and the documentation tidied up.
Objects implementing this interface must also implement:


This interface contains SMS-specific properties for text channels. This currently only includes whether the SMSes received on the channel should be displayed immediately to the user, without prompting.

Handler filters

A handler for class 0 SMSes should advertise the following filter:

{ ...ChannelType: ...Text,
  ...TargetHandleType: Handle_Type_Contact,
  ...SMS.Flash: True,

It should also set its BypassApproval property to True, so that it is invoked immediately for new channels.


Accessed using the org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties interface.

Flash — b

Read only

If True, then this channel is exclusively for receiving class 0 SMSes (and no SMSes can be sent using SendMessage on this channel). If False, no incoming class 0 SMSes will appear on this channel.

This property is immutable (cannot change), and therefore SHOULD appear wherever immutable properties are reported, e.g. NewChannels signals.


Class 0 SMSes should be displayed immediately to the user, and need not be saved to the device memory unless the user explicitly chooses to do so. This is unlike “normal”, class 1 SMSes, which must be stored, but need not be shown immediately in their entirity to the user.

Separating class 0 SMSes into their own channel with this immutable property allows them to be dispatched to a different Handler—which would include this property in its HandlerChannelFilter—avoiding the normal Text channel handler having to decide for each message whether it should be displayed to the user immediately or handled normally.

Currently, no mechanism is defined for sending class 0 SMSes. It seems reasonable to support specifying the class of an outgoing SMS in its header Message_Part, rather than requiring the UI to request a special channel for such SMSes; hence, we define here that channels with Flash set to True are read-only.