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This page quickly explains the current status of XVideo support.

Some more information regarding the work that has been done on NV04-NV40 XVideo implementation can be found on ArthurHuillet.

A note about overlays:


Overlay: supported by the hardware. Practically done (works, but not above some resolution, and does not have Xv attributes such as brightness).

Blitter: supported by the hardware and implemented.

NV1x, NV2x, NV3x

Overlay: fully functional, YUY2 format for NV10,11,15,20, and YV12 too for NV17, 18, NV25+

Some bandwidth problems were reported, seems that one of them is still unfixed.

Blitter: fully functional



Blitter: fully functional

Texture adapter functional


Overlay: No overlay engine. Xv has to be done via the 3D engine (i.e. provide a texture adapter), and we're not quite ready for this yet.

Blitter: No YUV blitter.

Xv should be fully functional.

2013-03-24 13:16