Poppler Qt5  0.74.0
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Poppler::CertificateInfo Class Reference

Public Types

enum  EntityInfoKey { CommonName, DistinguishedName, EmailAddress, Organization }
enum  KeyUsageExtension {
  KuDigitalSignature = 0x80, KuNonRepudiation = 0x40, KuKeyEncipherment = 0x20, KuDataEncipherment = 0x10,
  KuKeyAgreement = 0x08, KuKeyCertSign = 0x04, KuClrSign = 0x02, KuEncipherOnly = 0x01,
  KuNone = 0x00
enum  PublicKeyType { RsaKey, DsaKey, EcKey, OtherKey }

Public Member Functions

QByteArray certificateData () const
 CertificateInfo (CertificateInfoPrivate *priv)
 CertificateInfo (const CertificateInfo &other)
bool isNull () const
bool isSelfSigned () const
QString issuerInfo (EntityInfoKey key) const
KeyUsageExtensions keyUsageExtensions () const
CertificateInfooperator= (const CertificateInfo &other)
QByteArray publicKey () const
int publicKeyStrength () const
PublicKeyType publicKeyType () const
QByteArray serialNumber () const
QString subjectInfo (EntityInfoKey key) const
QDateTime validityEnd () const
QDateTime validityStart () const
int version () const

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