What am I doing at freedesktop.org?

I got involved in maintaining the GEODE X.org driver during the summer of 2007. At the invitation of AMD's programming team, I became its Community Maintainer on September 1st 2007.

What does a Community Maintainer do?

AMD develops drivers for each new chipset on a project basis and, for obvious reasons, is vastly more interested in developing the code for its current products than in maintaining support for legacy products. Unfortunately, this means that regressions that only affect legacy chipsets in the Geode product line are sometimes introduced. AMD decided to resolve this issue by entrusting further integration and maintenance of the code to a Community Maintainer who is not working for AMD: yours truly.

My priorities for the GEODE (AMD, Cyrix, NSC) video driver

My key skills have always been in Product Management and this is precisely my perspective in managing this codebase. I thus mainly focus on merging patches that support the goal of integrating the AMD, Cyrix and NSC drivers into a unified GEODE driver, since it simplifies the long-term management of the whole Geode codebase. Patches that fix other bugs are also welcome.

About M-É

Until November 2008, I worked as a Business Development Manager at Artec Group, an early adopter of the Geode chipset and the manufacturer of the ThinCan line of Coreboot-powered embedded solutions.

I've been involved in Debian since 2004 and in Ubuntu since 2005.

More information about myself and my other hobbies can be found on my personal homepage.

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