00:43 airlied[d]: skeggsb9778[d]: what happens with your panel btw? if I set turing laptop to discrete mode, the panel only turns on sometimes
01:00 skeggsb9778[d]: it doesn't turn on until i reload the module
01:00 skeggsb9778[d]: enabling the bl paths for ada makes even the reload not work
01:00 skeggsb9778[d]: i don't think it's anything to do with the bl itself though, i think it's the extra drm_helper_probe_detect() in the bl init
01:00 skeggsb9778[d]: somehow
01:01 airlied[d]: oh maybe that is the same for me, I think I've seen it come on once I reload or maybe suspend/resume
01:12 skeggsb9778[d]: yeah, just confirmed it's the probe_detect() in nv50_backlight_init() that somehow busts the reload
01:44 clee: just wanted to say, nouveau+NVK is working much better than I expected on my RTX3070. I removed the A770 from the system to run some tests and I'm seeing power usage at idle, with a 5950X and RTX3070, at ~50w
03:03 skeggsb9778[d]: airlied[d]: do any of the other ones in the stack i dumped on you still work?
03:04 skeggsb9778[d]: just wondering if this is could be a regression or not
03:12 airlied[d]: good question, I'll see if I can test them, might be worth booting a kernel before gsp refactoring maybe
03:31 skeggsb9778[d]: i was even wondering if it's a regression post-initial gsp, because eDP worked then
03:33 skeggsb9778[d]: OpenRM can light it up at least, so I know it's nouveau's fault somehow 😛
14:29 tiredchiku[d]: clangcat[d]: I set up the USB for testing openrm 535 on my brother's 3050 Ti laptop
14:30 clangcat[d]: tiredchiku[d]: And
14:30 tiredchiku[d]: currently making the driver package that I'll install on it later
14:30 tiredchiku[d]: wdym and .-.
14:30 tiredchiku[d]: I reach home friday morning
14:30 tiredchiku[d]: I'm just preparing things in advance xD
14:30 clangcat[d]: Oh
14:30 clangcat[d]: I just thought you meant you did it
14:30 clangcat[d]: so was curious
14:30 clangcat[d]: if it crashed and burn
14:30 tiredchiku[d]: no, just prepped the USB
14:31 tiredchiku[d]: I'll let you know on friday, if openrm is fine with GSP on 535
14:31 tiredchiku[d]: if it is... it's a nouveau bug
14:31 tiredchiku[d]: if it isn't, we need to upgrade GSP
14:31 clangcat[d]: Okay
14:31 tiredchiku[d]: :saigeheart:
14:31 clangcat[d]: I mean
14:31 clangcat[d]: it might be an idea to upgrade GSP anyway
14:32 tiredchiku[d]: we are going to need a GSP upgrade when the RTX 5000 series/generation launches anyway
14:32 tiredchiku[d]: so I imagine we're trying to avoid upgrading until that happens
14:33 tiredchiku[d]: but until then, we're stuck on 535 GSP