00:21 esdrastarsis[d]: Curious about Daniel Almeida's nvk-vulkan-video-rs work 👀
01:12 rinlovesyou[d]: rinlovesyou[d]: Called it
01:12 rinlovesyou[d]: :dogkek:
01:18 airlied[d]: karolherbst[d]: updated that use common push buf to handle m2mf/i2mf now
01:25 karolherbst[d]: we are still only at 1.1% rust overall :blobcatnotlikethis:
01:25 karolherbst[d]: mesa has a looooot of code
22:01 redsheep[d]: Does this MR still have any meaning now that the cbuf code has changed so much? https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/mesa/mesa/-/merge_requests/27755
22:04 gfxstrand[d]: Yeah, the compiler bits in there are still potentially useful.
23:09 redsheep[d]: Hmm unfortunately the plasma 6.1 update with explicit sync and all that seems to have the wayland session back to a black screen with just a cursor again, even with the fixes from 29737
23:10 redsheep[d]: Not even `NVK_DEBUG=no_cbuf` gets the wayland session working this time, so it seems it's even more broken than before
23:13 redsheep[d]: I might have to reopen my issue, plasma 6.1 wayland works great with the nvidia prop drivers
23:17 gfxstrand[d]: Ugh
23:22 redsheep[d]: Afaict the only remotely useful logging that spits out anywhere is this
23:22 redsheep[d]: ```kwin_wayland[15767]: No backend specified, automatically choosing drm
23:22 redsheep[d]: kwin_wayland[15767]: kwin_wayland_drm: drmSetClientCap for Atomic Mode Setting failed. Using legacy mode on GPU "/dev/dri/card0"```
23:26 redsheep[d]: No coredumps again, really wish there were some good way to tell what is going on
23:44 redsheep[d]: In better news the mysterious doom eternal crash on debug builds is gone