05:20 qeeg: mwk, i never stalked you, i was just annoying you when i didn't realize you were asleep
05:21 qeeg: please don't lie to people
06:43 libahunt: btw. mwk do you have some laptop to work with these days?
06:44 libahunt: i have macbook that is a rare hackers model , and one amd gcn bundled with weak cpu but gcn1.1, both i have duplicates for to be tested and discussed how to manage them.
06:45 libahunt: i can send you two of them, cause these days i do not work so much with them at the same time.
06:49 libahunt: I remember that keyboard of your last one was broken etc. they are all well in that department.
06:52 libahunt: And yes for free that is all meant to be, at no cost from you.
06:59 libahunt: I just do not care about those threats , like my life was so good, i eat those ppl if i can and die if i can not, but they were nasty assholes to me regardless.
06:59 libahunt: i am not scared you know, i care none
06:59 libahunt: but to supply something their brain is not capable of dealing with is 1. contradictionary. 2. just pointless
07:01 libahunt: maybe contradictory is better word, or more accurate lol
07:05 libahunt: to speak more accurately hd3000 of gt1 and gt2 revisions were the first ones to have compute capability, and that was first appearing on openmp stack
07:06 libahunt: to follow ivy bridge hd3600 and haswell 4400 had opencl 1.2 the snb had opencl 1.1 equivalent, in that regard its hackers setup.
07:08 libahunt: the difference relies on how batchbuffers are handled , one has queues in hw and stack available, others need to be brought back to life from docs
07:09 libahunt: that is workgroups and workitems in opencl terms are different on both, cause ones on hd3000
07:10 libahunt: they are handled through different isa, they were not meant to be 1.2 compliant, and whats the difference between 1.2 and 1.1?
07:14 libahunt: its the interrupts of queues, 1.2 has such that host can synchronize multiple kernels in parallel, it can wait for gpu thread
07:18 libahunt: such that when gpu thread wants to communicate with cpu, the sync primitive can say, well now i say that, i got a signal of an event, you are done at a kernel level, i can use your resources, 1.1 rather waited at the whole workgroup batch to be done i think
07:25 libahunt: in 2.1 opencl the biggest change is that cpu can launch hw queues, and in 3.0 i can not remember, it can run async kernels that are not only parallel but fully cpu scheduled
07:26 libahunt: err gpu
07:27 libahunt: in other words you can pimp the hd3000 gpu, but its not someone from entire bushmans show can do that
07:28 libahunt: so its more over hackers stuff, but i lack time to do that, though i know howto
07:30 libahunt: you know i am a mess these days, if i do not do some drastic changes i remain as a cripple
07:30 libahunt: but in any event if interested i can be reached at martu193@hot.ee
07:34 qeeg: what the fuck
07:35 libahunt: qeeg: what you want?
07:36 qeeg: is libahunt the spammer that comes by here every now and then? lmao
07:36 libahunt: you know now how asynchronous work queues work, you start multiple kernels
07:36 libahunt: qeeg: you laugh at what shithose?
07:36 libahunt: qeeg: you are peace of shit, do not say otherwise
07:37 qeeg: learn english lmao
07:37 libahunt: hulk piece of shit
07:37 libahunt: bare knuckle fight ok?
07:37 libahunt: i smash you troll
07:37 qeeg: i'm not the troll here lmao
07:37 libahunt: qeeg: yes, you are piece of shit
07:38 libahunt: \which is worse, a lot worse
07:38 qeeg: says the guy who doesn't know the difference between the words "peace" and "piece" lmao
07:38 qeeg: and who talks like an ai chatbot
07:39 libahunt: just an idiot again
07:39 qeeg: how am i the idiot? lmao
07:39 libahunt: peace is like calm peace at war state , status quo
07:39 qeeg: i know what the difference is, i'm saying YOU DON'T
07:39 libahunt: piece is just a fragment of whole bubble
07:39 qeeg: because you called me a "peace of shit"
07:40 libahunt: english professor, thanks for you
07:40 libahunt: be soil forgiving to you, you legend
07:40 libahunt: now go do some anal with finnish trashbags
07:41 qeeg: what the fuck lmao
07:41 qeeg: what possesses you to continually spam here in broken english? just curious
07:43 libahunt: qeeg: well i care not much about you nor your english, who did i talk to?
07:43 libahunt: did i talk to you or mwk?
07:43 libahunt: i asked what do you want?
07:44 libahunt: is there something you want?
07:44 qeeg: you've literally been coming here for years spamming this and other mesa irc channels
07:44 libahunt: qeeg: and so, do you think you do the right thing?
07:44 qeeg: yes? lol
07:44 libahunt: cause i have opencl stack you do not!
07:44 qeeg: ...
07:44 libahunt: cause i found it for you just like any other thing
07:45 qeeg: i don't even use nouveau lmao
07:45 libahunt: just like allocator just like all sanity
07:45 qeeg: wtf are you even talking about lmao? your english is broken to shit
07:45 libahunt: i do not use any nvidia card, cause the last one i had, mom sent to narva somewhere or eastern est
07:46 libahunt: but it was chinese clone
07:47 libahunt: does that matter, i am asking why you stalk me in real life, why you are nasty fucker i do not want your tattood whores to
07:47 libahunt: humiliate me, as well as harrass my friends
07:47 libahunt: is there something you really need or what?
07:48 qeeg: i don't stalk you in real life or anywhere lmo
07:48 qeeg: *lmao
07:48 qeeg: i've just noticed that you keep coming on this and other irc channels, spam in broken in english and getting banned and evading the ban to do it again
07:48 qeeg: why
07:50 qeeg: what's the point
07:51 libahunt: you see that thing is important as to how computers work, its more important than the english i have, cause i am not native speaker, i suppose i thought when youd understand better, maybe you would quit being so abusive
07:51 libahunt: cause i do not fancy to talk with morans in mental hospitals, get lower pack pain for years
07:52 libahunt: and get a anal hulk on my tails everywhere
07:52 qeeg: how am i being abusive? i'm just trying to figure out what exactly drives you to do the same thing for years on end
07:52 qeeg: also *morons
07:52 qeeg: and i am not in a mental hospital. i'm in my parents' house
07:53 libahunt: theres nothing driving me anymore, cause i am free of sanctions, but they were trying to kill me for 2.5last years
07:53 libahunt: i sort of can say did not like it
07:54 qeeg: what the fuck
07:54 libahunt: i was alone against those maniacs, and i say i am not alone, i can mess them up seriously when i go back with more manpower
07:54 qeeg: i highly doubt that
07:54 qeeg: are you schizophrenic? i'd recommend seeing a mental health professional
23:22 vgpu-arthur: Hey all. :)