05:31 cheetahpixie: no ideas?
11:24 glennk: cheetahpixie, a rx 480 is somewhere around 18x as fast as a gt 520 even when the gt has reclocking support
13:12 karolherbst: cheetahpixie: yeah.. soo.. reclocking support in nouveau is quite the hit and miss and on that GPU it's not really supported. We could bump up the PCIe link speed, but that doesn't help with rendering speed
13:57 cheetahpixie: what are the blockers to reclocking on it?
13:57 cheetahpixie: not enough reversing work, or nvidia being a pain?
13:58 fdobridge: <🌺​ ¿butterflies? 🌸> that gpu pre-dates signed fw being needed for reclock
13:58 fdobridge: <🌺​ ¿butterflies? 🌸> but it's still an order of magnitude slower than an rx480
13:58 fdobridge: <🌺​ ¿butterflies? 🌸> so please use the latter
13:58 cheetahpixie: glennk don't care for the 18x faster part. I have it kicking around and it lets me multitask 3d applications without slowing anything else down
13:59 cheetahpixie: fdobridge I wouldn't be here if I didn't intend to use it.
13:59 cheetahpixie: two 3d programs on one gpu will slow both down considerably.
14:00 cheetahpixie: no matter how light or heavy, scheduling issues irked me enough to put the gt520 to use.
14:00 cheetahpixie: a game and a simple freecad model? say goodbye to double digits percentage of your fps.
14:00 cheetahpixie: freecad on gt520 with game on rx480? no issue.
14:03 cheetahpixie: and once I get more risers connected, there will be more cards of various vintages.
14:03 cheetahpixie: I've got an even older nvs kicking around as well.
14:18 cheetahpixie: fx580, actually.
14:19 cheetahpixie: tesla arch. any more luck reclocking there?
14:20 RSpliet: Second gen tesla yes, NVA3/5/8 has working clock changing for a lot of the GPUs in the wild. That's not a promise though.
14:21 RSpliet: The thing with reclocking is that it's tedious to implement. It either works or your machine crashes, there's not really a middle ground. Takes a lot of hours to get it right and a lot of different graphics cards to test it on
14:22 RSpliet: Nobody has had the time to do the legwork
14:23 cheetahpixie: ah.
14:23 RSpliet: 2nd gen tesla I did as part of a X.org EVoC thing, for Fermi everything is different. I did like the first sprint to make it work years ago, and someone else in parallel, but the long tail of iteration hasn't been done and it never got merged
14:23 cheetahpixie: is there a way to automate this testing?
14:24 cheetahpixie: evoc?
14:24 RSpliet: Not really
14:24 RSpliet: endless vacation of code
14:24 cheetahpixie: so a gsoc like thing?
14:24 RSpliet: spoiler alert: it wasn't endless
14:24 RSpliet: yep
14:24 cheetahpixie: lmao
14:24 cheetahpixie: so in theory, the fx580 will be faster than my 520?
14:24 cheetahpixie: I also have several solid state cooled 8600s kicking around.
14:25 RSpliet: I vaguely remember NVD9 one of those painfully weird transitional GPUs
14:25 RSpliet: But my memory is hazy
14:26 cheetahpixie: aha.
14:26 cheetahpixie: bue yeah.
14:26 cheetahpixie: in theory: fx580 faster than 520? since the 520 has no reclocking
14:26 RSpliet: NVIDIA occasionally has these GPUs where some of the new components were ready, and others weren't, so you'd get like a kepler memory controller paired with a fermi display unit.
14:26 RSpliet: Hmm, I can't remember what an FX580 is
14:27 RSpliet: Oh G96, yeah no also no reclocking I think. I tried working backwards from NVA3/5/8 at some point, but just didn't have the time anymore.
14:27 cheetahpixie: aw
14:27 RSpliet: It's GDDR3, if you're lucky it's enough like NVA0 that we may have some code for it that works, but...
14:28 RSpliet: I mean, on the plus side a G96 just has more cores and a reasonably high boot clock
14:28 cheetahpixie: hm.
14:28 RSpliet: Although 32 shading units isn't all _that_ much in todays terms
14:28 cheetahpixie: I don't care much for high specs.
14:28 RSpliet: I know
14:28 cheetahpixie: I just need something to offload light 3d stuff.
14:28 cheetahpixie: if I were looking to double up on heavy 3d, I'd have bought a beefier card ages ago.
14:29 RSpliet: I moved away from NVIDIA last week, went on with a GT 640 for a bit too long. Nouveau's never been stable on that card for me.
14:29 RSpliet: None of the reclocking is automatic by the way
14:30 RSpliet: you need to prod debugfs to set a set of clocks
14:30 RSpliet: And your screen will flash when you do it... at least on Kepler it will
14:30 RSpliet: On 2nd gen tesla it wouldn't if you had one screen, as we nicely wait for vblank
14:30 RSpliet: trick doesn't work on Kepler, and not with multiple monitors
14:31 cheetahpixie: I've got only one on my 520 currently.