00:09 airlied: fodasso: no you need nouveau working
00:12 fodasso: The standard kernel driver?
00:12 airlied: yes
00:13 fodasso: OK, so I theoretically just need to rebuild mesa and restart the PC. tyvm for the info
00:13 airlied: if you want it to be pretty stable, then using the drm-next branch is probably the best place
00:16 fodasso: drm-next branch of drm/libdrm, you mean?
00:23 airlied: no of the kernel
00:23 fodasso: OK...
00:24 fodasso: BTW, just for the note, I mean this mesa fork here: https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/nouveau/mesa
00:24 fodasso: https://www.collabora.com/news-and-blog/news-and-events/introducing-nvk.html
00:24 fodasso: Sorry if this is spam and redundant.
10:28 cheetahpixie: morning.
10:28 cheetahpixie: how do I verify that I have 2D/3D acceleration?
10:29 cheetahpixie: I'm running into some weird slowness on Kubuntu.
10:31 cheetahpixie: before you ask, it's a GT 520.
10:31 cheetahpixie: there are other graphics cards in the system and I'm running displays off both.
11:57 soreau: `glxinfo | grep "renderer string"` might give a clue
12:30 diogenes_oftc: wow karolherbst well done, Karol Herbst is in the Linux news headlines :) https://youtu.be/Xbb_ytPRipM?t=116
16:21 cheetahpixie: NVD9 when the card is selected. soreau
16:22 cheetahpixie: but it'll run vastly worse in programs if I select it above the RX480 that's also in the system, despite moving the window to a monitor plugged into it.
16:22 cheetahpixie: (plugged into the 520, that is)
16:23 cheetahpixie: what makes even less sense is when it's copying its frames to the RX480 for display there, the slowdown goes poof.
16:24 cheetahpixie: and this just trying to run zsnes.
16:25 cheetahpixie: wait. nevermind. slowdown stays.
16:25 cheetahpixie: but it remains that for some reason it displays frames being copied to it faster than what it renders itself by a big margin.