07:17 hdzki: Hello!
07:17 hdzki: What happened to #nouveau-vk ?
07:36 illwieckz: hdzki, this channel is more active
07:37 hdzki: Is NVK development discussed here as well?
07:37 illwieckz: yes
07:37 illwieckz: it's a good place for both nouveau and nvk specific talks
07:38 hdzki: I was worried because my matrix bridge room to #nouveau-vk just disappeared one day
07:40 hdzki: Is jekstrand here as well?
07:42 hdzki: I don't know much about irc
07:48 hdzki[m]: Hello from matrix
09:35 airlied: hdzki: he's on the fdobridge to discord
21:10 amunhateb: Hello guys. Please help me to resolve an issue. I have a thinkpad t480 with GP108M (mx150) discrete. I am using nouveau as a driver. Judging by dmesg it requires firmware to work properly. dmesg says -> nouveau 0000:01:00.0: pmu: firmware unavailable.
21:12 amunhateb: I've tried the suggested on the site firmware package, no effect
21:39 RSpliet: amunhateb: that's an odd message, last time I checked nouveau should be able to upload it's built-in firmware for that GPU
21:40 RSpliet: unless you're using something silly like a linux-libre kernel you should be fine
21:41 RSpliet: That said, pmu firmware is not critical, you can run without - just can't (manually) change the clock frequency of the GPU
21:41 RSpliet: Which is a pity, because the boot clock is rather low, you won't get particularly good performance
21:58 amunhateb: RSpliet: thanks a lot. I am trying to configure vdpau using nouveau. I am setting DRI_PRIME=1 VDPAU_DRIVER=nouveau LIBVA_DRIVER_NAME=nouveau and I see everything is unsupported in vdpauinfo. vainfo shows only VAProfileNone. Can I use discrete to HWA?
21:59 RSpliet: For VDPAU you do need firmware files
22:00 RSpliet: And nouveau unfortunately does not have FOSS re-implemented firmwares for the video engines
22:03 amunhateb: oh, I see. Still, thanks for clarifying.
22:04 RSpliet: Did you run through these thingmebobs here? https://nouveau.freedesktop.org/VideoAcceleration.html
22:04 RSpliet: I'm not even 100% sure anyone did the legwork for GP10x
22:04 RSpliet: I thinkt they all fall under VP6. But I don't know how up to date that page is
22:05 amunhateb: I tried this firmware. No luck
22:05 RSpliet: karolherbst: you're much more up to date than me on just about anything NVIDIA/nouveau related. Any thoughts? (he might not respond until tomorrow)
22:06 amunhateb: no hurry. I just wanted to know if it's possible
22:09 RSpliet: I do happen to have the very same GPU in my laptop. I think... Definitely GP10something. I'll see if I can find out sth for you after dinner
22:13 amunhateb: great, thanks! I appreciate it a lot
22:51 RSpliet: Wait, holdup, are you sure this is GP108M?
22:51 RSpliet: amunhateb: I'm sorry, I'd mistaken it for GM10x
22:52 RSpliet: No, you won't get PMU firmware, and I don't think theres any video decoding accel in the cards yet either.
22:54 RSpliet: Much to my disappointment, GM107 also doesn't have video accel. I suspect the 325* driver is too old to even contain the right firmwares, and the kernel has no support to even hook up the engines.
22:54 RSpliet: Well, not that disappointed. I just about never used it on my laptop
22:54 RSpliet: And I kind of switched to AMD on my desktop :')
22:59 amunhateb: oh, okay thats fine :) no worries. Thanks for checking it up
23:00 RSpliet: No worries, sorry for the bad news
23:01 RSpliet: Don't blame me, I'm just the messenger. Blame Cana... Blame NVIDIA!
23:02 karolherbst: amunhateb: no such firmware exists, so there is nothing to do for you
23:05 amunhateb: karolherbst: okay, thanks for heads up!