18:45 anarsoul: jekstrand: I'm watching recording of your talk now. Will NVK support 1650? (Which is technically Turing, but lacks ray tracing part)
18:47 ajax: given that it's likely to also support pre-turing, i'd imagine the answer is yes
18:48 ajax: also that i happen to have a gtx1650 so i'm personally invested, but that's not a promise that i make it happen
18:48 anarsoul: he mentions that it currently supports Turing+
19:02 mhenning: anarsoul: I don't think we use any of the raytrcing bits anywhere, so it might just work. I doubt it's been tested yet though.
19:04 anarsoul: great
19:05 anarsoul: it's not really clear from jekstrand's blog post, but do I need a custom kernel to try nvk?
19:16 mhenning: you don't currently need a different kernel - you might need one in the future as the uapi changes for vulkan
19:17 anarsoul: I see, thanks!
19:36 jekstrand: anarsoul: Yup, it works on the current kernel. There's a branch from skeggsb if you want something more stable to do CTS runs.
19:39 mhenning: jekstrand: oh, which branch is that?
19:41 jekstrand: https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/skeggsb/nouveau/ 00.06-gr-ampere
19:41 jekstrand: That's what I'm using
19:46 mhenning: cool, thanks!