03:10 anholt: karolherbst: I ungated the main groups of ssbo tests, we'll see what happens. unfortunately, got to do a container rebuild first
03:21 airlied: anholt: yeah the uabi should be an adventure, have to get bo/mm split, syncobj/scheduler and vm_bind in
03:21 airlied: it's all kinda linked together, just have to see if it's worth trying to take intermediate steps
03:58 anholt: karolherbst: https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/anholt/mesa/-/jobs/27875505 nope still completely flaky
12:42 karolherbst: :(
16:40 anholt: 7/268 jobs failed on the last tk1 ci stress test. all from one hardware failure. swapped ethernet+poe, we'll see if I need to swap the board.