12:05 docmax: guys, can u add vulkan, vaapi and opengl 4.6 support for NV84?
12:06 docmax: vaapi mostly
14:44 pmoreau: I do not think Vulkan and OpenGL 4.6 will ever be supported on anything earlier than Kepler, due to bindless texture support (and maybe due to other things as well).
14:45 pmoreau: For Vulkan on later architectures, some memory management stuff in missing in the kernel.
14:46 pmoreau: docmax: ^ Also note that the official Nouveau channel moved to OFTC (check the subject).
18:57 imirkin: pmoreau: vk shouldn't be a problem afaik
18:57 imirkin: pmoreau: intel supports vk, and they don't have bindless until "later"
18:57 imirkin: docmax: va-api should already be supported