11:46 juri_: see you on libera.chat.
15:21 RSpliet: Lyude: has a decision been made on the future of #nouveau?
15:22 imirkin: probably best to bring it up on ML
15:22 imirkin: i do think there's a lot of advantage to moving all the graphics stuff as "a bunch"
15:23 imirkin: the recommendation is oftc, but there are some people pulling for liberia
15:31 RSpliet: imirkin: I *think* Lyude brought it up at the X.org board meeting yesterday, hence I asked him first
15:31 imirkin: yes, Lyude sent an email that the X.org Board recommends OFTC
15:31 imirkin: might only have gone to members? dunno
15:32 imirkin: i had assumed you saw it
15:32 RSpliet: Possibly. I think I signed up for membership when I was still doing my masters. Must've been purged by now. Whoops.
15:33 RSpliet: Anyway, didn't want to throw ML posts around, before you know it you get everyone and their granny their opinions about the colour of the bike shed. I'd rather leave this up to a few individuals to coordinate
15:34 mwk: RSpliet: *her
15:34 mwk: so... I suppose I should set up oftc account, then
15:34 RSpliet: mwk: whoops, thanks.
15:34 mwk: didn't it have, like, nickserv that sucked or something
15:35 imirkin: RSpliet: yeah, annually
15:35 mwk: I distinctly remember logging in was much more of a mess than on freenode
15:36 RSpliet: I managed. Their registration procedure seems to involve going to a webpage and solving a captcha
15:37 mwk: but no SASL authentication, right?
15:38 RSpliet: I configured ZNC with the SASL plugin and plaintext method
15:39 mwk: let's try
15:40 imirkin: mwk: i think they want you to make a client cert
15:40 imirkin: for auth-on-connect
15:40 RSpliet: I think you *can* do that too
15:41 RSpliet: Heh
15:41 imirkin: mwk: https://www.oftc.net/NickServ/CertFP/
15:42 RSpliet: Wonder what my ZNC is doing then. Just secretly chatting with nickserv on the background?
15:42 mwk: ... yeah, because I want to mess with SSL certificates
15:42 mwk: sigh
15:42 imirkin: just follow the instructions?
15:43 RSpliet: I am way too "it compiles, SHIP IT!!!" minded for all of this
15:43 imirkin: RSpliet: if only i were as patient as you...
15:43 mwk: and then get randomly annoyed into regularly remaking the certificate when it expires
15:43 imirkin: i've saved! ship it!
15:43 imirkin: mwk: what are the chances that 10 years of time will happen
15:44 imirkin: maybe they'll have sasl by then ;)
15:48 mwk: fine, seems to work
15:49 mwk: but it is way more annoying than it should be
16:31 Lyude: ccr: yeah that's a big worry I've seen from a bunch of folks
16:31 Lyude: ...
16:31 Lyude: oops
16:32 Lyude: i have no idea what that message was because it got left in my weechat buffer a day ago or so lol
16:32 Lyude: anyway - did someone actually make a new nouveau channel on oftc yet?
16:32 imirkin: yes.
16:32 ccr: there are channels both on oftc and libera
18:36 opal: official announcement where its going?
19:49 Lyude: opal: oftc
19:50 Lyude: !op
19:50 Lyude: ChanServ: op
19:50 Lyude: sigh. guess ircd-seven is not as smart as elemental was
19:50 imirkin: ChanServ: noooo, what have you done
19:50 imirkin: :p
19:50 Lyude: hehe
19:54 opal: ah
19:55 opal: leaving then i guess, not connecting to oftc
19:55 opal: peace