13:54 epsilon_0: how do i make the kernel load custom edid using boot parameters?
13:55 epsilon_0: i have a custom edid file from nvidia-drivers which works on a different os but nouveau crashes saying no edid for dp-1
13:55 epsilon_0: so I want to make it use a custom edid
13:57 xexaxo1: epsilon_0: see `modinfo drm` (or drm_kms_helper is using older kernels)
13:58 epsilon_0: hmm, it gives an error - modinfo: ERROR: Module alias drm not found.
22:05 imirkin: huh. weird. running 'xrandr' on a GF108 with DVI and DP screens plugged in causes the *DVI* screen to blank for a second
22:05 imirkin: Lyude: any theories?
22:05 imirkin: (this is with a slightly old kernel -- 5.6.7)
22:10 imirkin: btw - currently have GF108 and GT215 plugged in... lmk if there's anything in particular you want me to test out.
22:17 imirkin: hrmph. all the compute stuff is a pretty massive fail on the GT215. dunno if it's coz it's GDDR5 and we set it up wrong, or if there's some sort of legit difference on nva3 that we're not taking into account =/
22:21 imirkin: oh huh. looks like it was some "local" changes i had which disagree with nva3 even though they were questionably helpful on nv84
22:23 imirkin: RSpliet: do you have any recollection about what you thought it'd take to get nva3 + gddr5 reclocking going?
22:41 imirkin: oh, so silly. can't support OES_texture_buffer coz no rgb32 format pre-fermi =/
22:45 imirkin: in the meanwhile, time to figure out how to adapt the nv50 3d logic to nvc0
23:22 imirkin: Test run totals:
23:22 imirkin: Passed: 26765/37786 (70.8%)
23:22 imirkin: Failed: 578/37786 (1.5%)
23:22 imirkin: not bad
23:22 imirkin: (the remainder are "Not Supported", which is a lot coz of tess/geom)
23:27 imirkin: https://paste.debian.net/plain/1197740
23:27 imirkin: not too horrible
23:27 imirkin: need to double-check why those textureSize() things are failing. i thought i fixed them. but perhaps in a different branch. or it needs to be different on nva3 vs nv84?
23:27 imirkin: hopefully the textureGather's are all due to the fact that i only get 'red'
23:28 imirkin: borders on integer formats are known-busted
23:30 imirkin: <Section Name="Iteration2" Description="Iteration 2">
23:30 imirkin: <Text>Using a program similar to the previous one, except with a gather functi
23:30 imirkin: on call as follows:
23:30 imirkin: textureGather(u_sampler, v_texCoord, 1)</Text>
23:30 imirkin: so that's a 'yes' on the textureGather issues
23:31 imirkin: oh, and the texture size tests all fail at width = 8192. wtf.
23:31 imirkin: height = 8192 is fine
23:32 imirkin: well _thats_ inconveinent...