00:02 pgwipeout[m]: Is there a way to make nouveau do bar sanity checks, where it writes a value then reads it back to see if it's changed or if it stuck?
00:08 imirkin: pgwipeout[m]: the way nouveau determines what kind of gpu it is by reading register 0 from BAR0
00:08 imirkin: so if that fails, nouveau doesn't load
00:16 pgwipeout[m]: Yeah, but I'm saying have it validate writes. I'm wondering if the higher bar areas aren't sticking.
00:16 imirkin: that's ... not a thing
00:16 imirkin: either the BAR's are making it to the GPU or they're not
00:17 pgwipeout[m]: Well that's what I need to validate, that all of the BAR areas are making it to the GPU.
00:19 pgwipeout[m]: Let me provide a bit of context. The chip this controller is built into supports armv8, which is 64 bit. It supports up to 8gb of ram. But it only has a 32 bit internal bus.
00:20 pgwipeout[m]: This leads to hilarious stuff like MSIs fail to allocate because linux stuck them in high mem, which the GIC supports but the 32bit bus doesn't allow.
00:20 imirkin: each BAR fits well into 32-bit
00:21 imirkin: anyways, if you want to add random code to nouveau to test whatever, then go ahead
00:21 pgwipeout[m]: Hmmm
00:21 imirkin: you can also use something like nvapeek/nvapoke
00:21 imirkin: although that only writes to bar0 iirc
00:21 pgwipeout[m]: I gots an idea.
00:21 imirkin: (or bar1 or whatever, i can never remember which bar is the "main" bar)
16:06 thurstylark: I updated my Arch install after a couple weeks of neglect, and now I'm getting graphical glitches when using sway on nouveau. It's a laptop, and the laptop monitor is fine because it is tied to the intel gpu apparently, but any monitors connected via plug on the mobo or on a dock will either flash part or all of my desktop, or will show black with the backlight on. What should I look at first?
16:06 thurstylark: oh right version numbers might be important...
16:08 thurstylark: mesa 21.0.1-1 -> 21.0.3-3 linux 5.11.10.arch1-1 -> 5.11.16.arch1-1 linux-lts 5.10.26-1 -> 5.10.34-1 linux-firmware 20210315.3568f96-1 -> 20210315.3568f96-2
16:08 pmoreau: Looking if you get error messages in dmesg would be a good thing to do. Knowing which version was last working and which version you are now on would help, as well as which GPU you have. :-)
16:09 pmoreau: Do you have the issue with both linux and linux-lts?
16:10 thurstylark: yup
16:12 pmoreau: With which NVIDIA GPU, and do you have any error messages in dmesg?
16:17 thurstylark: I don't *think* there's any errors, but I could be searching for the wrong thing. Here's `journalctl -b` which should include dmesg: https://paste.xinu.at/hHfEVt/
16:18 thurstylark: And the model string from lspci says "NVIDIA Corporation GM107GLM [Quadro M600M] (rev a2)". Here's `lspci -v` https://paste.xinu.at/NOeReh/
16:18 pmoreau: Thanks!
16:19 thurstylark: Oh right missing some info without root. Here's `sudo lspci -v` for good measure: https://paste.xinu.at/vD0/
16:22 thurstylark: This sounds pretty close to my experience, but it only started manifesting after this update: https://nouveau.freedesktop.org/TroubleShooting.html#index8h3
16:25 pmoreau: Looking at the changes for the linux package, the only changes for Nouveau are those two commits: https://git.archlinux.org/linux.git/commit/?id=914a468da029 and https://git.archlinux.org/linux.git/commit/?id=462817cf913b
16:26 thurstylark: Also maybe pertinent: text console hasn't ever worked on external monitors for me.
16:29 pmoreau: No obvious errors in dmesg, and no idea regarding the text console. You could try building your own kernel (by tweaking the pkgconfig for the linux package for example), and try reverting one of the two commits above and see if it helps.
16:29 pmoreau: I need to step away for a bit.
16:32 thurstylark: Alrighty, I'll tinker with it for a bit. Thanks for the help :)
19:15 thurstylark: Alrighty, looks like I was barking up the wrong tree with nouveau. Downgrading to wlroots 0.12.0-1 and sway 1:1.5.1-2 has fixed the issue for me
19:16 imirkin: emersion: --^
19:16 thurstylark:goes to find another tree
19:22 emersion: thurstylark: try WLR_DRM_NO_MODIFIERS=1
19:22 emersion: some nouveau bugfixes in mesa still haven't made it in a release it seems
19:23 emersion: and my kernel patch is lost in limbo
19:23 imirkin: skeggsb: --^
19:23 thurstylark: emersion: alrighty, I'll see how that goes
19:23 emersion: thurstylark: we have an entry about it in the wiki, if you want more details
19:24 thurstylark: Yeah, can you throw me a link?
19:28 emersion: https://github.com/swaywm/sway/wiki#sway-16-shows-garbage-on-nouveau
19:29 thurstylark: Yup. using WLR_DRM_NO_MODIFIERS=1 with sway 1:1.6-1 and wlroots 0.13.0-1
19:30 thurstylark: Guess this is just a cut from the bleeding edge, then :P