00:36 CybaPunk: hey all
00:37 CybaPunk: i was wondering if i could come here to get help with someonething
00:37 CybaPunk: does nouveau support the 3080 yet?
00:41 HdkR: It'll likely bring up a display but that's it
00:44 CybaPunk: thats the problem
00:45 CybaPunk: if i go the EUFI Route, it goes to a black screen, if i go legacy i cop x startup failed
00:45 CybaPunk: qubes builder continues to give me an RPM-oxide error so i have no way to build it
00:45 CybaPunk: uefi*
00:45 CybaPunk: sorry
00:46 CybaPunk: the os im trying to install is Qubes os
00:48 HdkR: How new is the kernel in that OS? You need at least 5.11 if not 5.12
00:49 HdkR: Looks like the Qubes R4.0 release comes with kernel 4.9.x
00:49 CybaPunk: yeah
00:49 CybaPunk: if the builder work it goe to 5.11
00:49 CybaPunk: goes*
00:49 HdkR: You'll need to figure out how to get a newer kernel on it then
00:49 CybaPunk: were currently on Qubes 4.1
00:50 CybaPunk: it installs and runs on my laptop but not my main pc >.> all because my main pc doesnt have an IGPU
01:00 CybaPunk: sorry lost connection pcs on cat6 im on shitty wifi down the hall
14:20 pgwipeout[m]: Well this is fun, finally got the downstream driver to build (it needs some modification to build against linux-next) and it null pointer errors on accessing the device.
14:21 pgwipeout[m]: Also, the display corruption is different in qemu executing the option rom if the nvidia driver has spoken to the card first. So something survives the soft reset.
14:23 juri_: sounds entertaining.
15:32 pgwipeout[m]: Wondering if the null pointer is due to other symbols being detected incorrectly, so I'm rebuilding it to check.
18:34 pgwipeout[m]: Well this is fun, if I run my hacked qemu option rom nutjob, load linux without loading nouveau, I get a functional framebuffer display.
18:34 pgwipeout[m]: Then if I load nouveau after the fact, I don't get the caps timeout error.
19:24 juri_: that is interesting.
19:34 imirkin: sounds like the pinnacle of usability
19:49 RSpliet:adds a philosophical sounding "hmm..."
19:57 ccr: hmmmmm!