21:11 tavvva: Good morning, afternoon, evening :]
21:14 tavvva: Guys, how are you?
21:15 tavvva: I'm back with few more questions related to NVS 140M.
21:16 tavvva: Do you have any estimations when the 2D acceleration / video acceleration support will be implemented (if ever)?
21:17 imirkin: 2d accel should work today
21:17 imirkin: iirc video decode acceleration is fused off on that chip (at least some of those chips)
21:17 imirkin: if it's one of the ones where it's not, video decode accel should work
21:19 tavvva: And my next question is about hibernation ... the laptop with NVS 140M suffers from frozen states when hibernated
21:19 tavvva: the version with intel vga works without prolems
21:19 imirkin: hibernation should, generally speaking, work
21:19 tavvva: imirkin: thx ...
21:20 tavvva: imirkin: well, I'm not aware of other differences between the laptops ... maybe there are some
21:21 tavvva: imirkin: the major difference is the nvidia X intel vga
21:21 imirkin: i.e. the two laptops are identical except for the fact that they have nothing in common
21:22 tavvva: imirkin: since the video playing eats the whole CPU I think its the case here
21:23 imirkin: tavvva: did you follow the steps on the VideoAcceleration wiki page?
21:23 imirkin: tavvva: https://nouveau.freedesktop.org/VideoAcceleration.html
21:23 tavvva: imirkin: nope, it's Lenovo R61 in both cases
21:23 imirkin: yeah, but the two laptops are completely different
21:23 imirkin: if one has nvidia and the other does not
21:24 imirkin: the fact that someone stamped the same label on them doesn't change that fact
21:24 tavvva: imirkin: the rest of the HW looks similar ... lemme do a diff of the lspci output ... or lshw
21:26 tavvva: I haven't tried the video accel steps ...
21:26 tavvva: gonna do
22:26 tavvva: imirkin: I tried mplayer with vdpau and the whole OS jammed
22:26 imirkin: ah, sorry to hear that =/
22:27 imirkin: pastebin dmesg
22:29 tavvva: imirkin: https://paste.centos.org/view/22c57a37
22:29 tavvva: imirkin: not sure whether I did everything like expected
22:29 imirkin: did you run the commands verbatim?
22:30 tavvva: imirkin: you mean the firmware exrtaction? yeah
22:30 imirkin: fwiw pretty sure that video is *not* fused off on your setup
22:30 imirkin: coz iirc video is highly tied to the PCRYPT engine, and that's reported as available
22:31 imirkin: any chance you can get dmesg AFTER the hang?
22:31 imirkin: maybe ssh from another machine or something
22:31 imirkin: chances are it's not actually hung
22:31 imirkin: just display
22:31 tavvva: imirkin: the LEDs were blinking and that usually means kernel hang
22:31 tavvva: imirkin: I could try again
22:31 imirkin: ah yeah, that means an oops
22:31 tavvva: maybe the crash will be different
22:31 imirkin: that's very surprising
22:31 imirkin: well
22:31 imirkin: one thing you can do
22:31 imirkin: is over ssh
22:31 imirkin: run dmesg -w
22:31 imirkin: which will effectively tail the log
22:32 imirkin: so you're likely to pick up any dying gasps
22:32 tavvva: imirkin: yup, good idea
22:32 imirkin: not my first rodeo :)
22:34 ccr: yeee-haw
22:34 tavvva: imirkin: ugh .... now it plays with borked video
22:35 imirkin: yay
22:35 imirkin: pastebin the mplayer log?
22:35 tavvva: imirkin: so, no hang, but I get green lines
22:35 tavvva: too late .... it just died
22:35 imirkin: pastebin dmesg? :)
22:36 imirkin: are you running the exact same mplayer command as i have on that video accel page?
22:36 tavvva: there was like 200px of video on top of the screen correctly decoded, but the framerate was like 5FPS
22:38 imirkin: did you see my question(s)?
22:40 tavvva: https://termbin.com/j3lp
22:40 tavvva: imirkin: yup, had few difficulties, sorry
22:41 imirkin: hrmph
22:41 tavvva: imirkin: yeah, the exact same mplayer command
22:41 imirkin: gimme a sec
22:42 imirkin: hmmmmmm
22:42 tavvva: imirkin: :D
22:43 tavvva: imirkin: that doesn't look promising, but ... I'll wait :D
22:43 imirkin: so that RT_FAULT (+ follow-on PAGE_NOT_PRESENT) things suggest that we're failing to ensure that some render target is actually mapped in memory
22:43 imirkin: as you can probably guess, "that shouldn't happen"
22:44 imirkin: there's also some sort of channel desync which happen after
22:44 imirkin: which one might assume is related
22:44 tavvva: imirkin: last time I wrote my friend is extremely unlucky when choosing hardware :]
22:45 imirkin: well, or i suck at resource tracking
22:45 imirkin: both are good options.
22:46 tavvva: imirkin: the good message is that I can keep his laptop few more days
22:48 tavvva: imirkin: and 2nd good message is that the ssh connection woke up
22:49 tavvva: the screen is dead, but the ssh connection is working now .... but I guess the mplayer log is not stored as a file, right?
22:49 imirkin: btw, can you confirm that the video is h264?
22:49 tavvva: I need to redirect it somewhere
22:49 imirkin: you can run mplayer from another ssh
22:49 tavvva: yeah, it's h264
22:49 imirkin: just add a DISPLAY=:0
22:50 tavvva: ok, that's also diable
22:50 tavvva: doable
22:50 tavvva: but I think I need to reboot first, right?
22:51 imirkin: prolly yea
22:51 imirkin: in the meanwhile i'm going to do a quick audit of that vp2 logic
22:51 imirkin: i did some really dodgy things... go me
22:52 imirkin: it was my first big nouveau contribution
22:55 imirkin: yeah ok, there's at least one dodgy thing i see
22:56 imirkin: but i don't think it would trigger that particular error
22:57 tavvva: this time it jammed immediately :/
22:57 imirkin: so you only have 128MB of VRAM
22:57 tavvva: gonna retry few times
22:57 imirkin: iirc the board i was testing this on has 256 or 512MB
22:57 imirkin: if i send you patches, can you test them?
22:57 imirkin: i.e. rebuild mesa, etc?
22:59 tavvva: https://termbin.com/ff21
23:00 tavvva: yeah, I can test them
23:00 imirkin: ok cool
23:00 tavvva: it's fedora 34 beta
23:00 imirkin: ok, that mplayer log looks like expected
23:00 imirkin: well, it's going to be source patches
23:00 tavvva: so, possibly you could build rpms directly
23:00 imirkin: no idea how to make things play nice with rpm's or whatever
23:01 tavvva: otherwise I'll install the devel stack
23:01 tavvva: lemme check the mesa version
23:03 tavvva: imirkin: btw. what's your timezone?
23:03 imirkin: tavvva: America/New_York
23:04 imirkin: w.t.f... i just noticed that all the video stuff uses nouveau_pushbuf_space incorrectly!
23:04 imirkin: can't help but think i might be slightly responsible for that
23:04 imirkin: sigh
23:05 imirkin: SIGH
23:05 tavvva: imirkin: ok, in that case you should be able to stay awake for few hours, right?
23:05 imirkin: oh wait, actually it might be fine. time to read some stuff.
23:05 imirkin: yes, i'll be around for many hours yet
23:05 tavvva: imirkin: it's 1am here, but I hope I'll be able to do test till 3am
23:08 imirkin: mmmm, i can't guarantee i'll have a patch by then
23:09 imirkin: but maybe leave your client and check scrollback tomorrow morning
23:09 imirkin: (i'm about to go get dinner, etc)
23:10 tavvva: imirkin: if you work tomorrow, then I'm fine with that
23:10 imirkin: this isn't work
23:10 imirkin: this is a hobby
23:10 tavvva: good to know :] as you can see it's my hobby as well
23:11 imirkin: (for a handful of people here it's work, but many are doing this on a volunteer basis)
23:13 imirkin: bbl. dinner, then probably some other stuff.
23:14 tavvva: ok, thx .... c.u. "tomorrow"