18:43 Throwawayname: Yesterday, I left to fetch my dmesg. Now that I am back: https://paste.gnome.org/p9eqd9otc/hdpemz
18:44 Throwawayname: It's a bit cleaned up, but should be enough.
18:48 Throwawayname: I am experiencing problems with GT240M. Works under Windows and used to work with OpenSUSE ~8 years ago. Can reproduce on modern releases of Debian, OpenSUSE, Ubuntu and Gentoo
18:58 Throwawayname: I am not sure whether webchat works right at 640 pixels wide, or its just silent in here, but can someone break silence to confirm?
18:59 kherbst: "The page you are looking for does not exist."
19:03 Throwawayname: As mentioned yesterday, all I can get is a few colored symbols in the framebuffer console as soon as I modprobe nouveau.
19:05 kherbst: mhh
19:05 kherbst: an no dmesg or anything?
19:05 kherbst: not even via ssh?
19:05 Throwawayname: Can ssh
19:06 Throwawayname: In certain distros, capable of switching tty (blindly)
19:06 Throwawayname: DMESG pastebinned above
19:08 HerrSpliet: Throwawayname: the link you shared w/ your dmesg doesn't work
19:08 Throwawayname: Strange, will try different pastebin
19:09 RSpliet: by default, gnome pb pastes apparently expire in 30 mins
19:10 RSpliet: also, pls don't grep/filter that log
19:13 Throwawayname: How else do we remove indecent details of our usb subsystem?
19:15 RSpliet: there shouldn't be any personally identifiable details in those logs, other than maybe MAC and/or (NAT/internal) IP address. Feel free to remove those manually. Too much filtering and we might miss important details
19:23 Throwawayname: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/jKSR563NXX/
19:36 Throwawayname: Any ideas?
19:39 RSpliet: A few. Firstly the kernel is outdated, the 5.4 kernel was first released in Nov 2019. Apart from a few bug fixes, most improvements made to nouveau have not been backported. A simple thing to try is installing a 5.11 kernel
19:40 RSpliet: "[ 4.850455] [drm] Cannot find any crtc or sizes" is a problem, it means no displays are detected by nouveau
19:41 Throwawayname: I will dig in to find dmesges from back when I had Debian Bullseye, which had a (by comparison) recent kernel
19:42 RSpliet: Also, this is a Lenovo B505... thing. Does that have an Intel GPU as well, which is turned off in the BIOS settings?
19:43 Throwawayname: AMD Athlon II X3 400e Processor
19:44 Throwawayname: No iGPU
19:44 Throwawayname: Nvidia on a MXM (2.0 if i recall correctly)
19:46 RSpliet: Right! Sorry, could have checked the CPU before asking :-)
19:47 Throwawayname: No problem :)
20:47 kherbst: Throwawayname: what are the specific problems btw? not sure if you explained that
20:47 kherbst: ohh you did
21:00 Throwawayname: Unfortunately, seems I didn't backup the old logs (or lost them). Will try updating a kernel on a LTS distro.
21:01 Throwawayname: Remember kids - broken LTS can be very stable in being broken.
21:13 kherbst: yeah... I'd really try a new kernel build and see if it is fixed or not
21:16 Throwawayname: Can get no newer than 5.10 from repos.
21:16 Throwawayname: I doubt updating will do a thing, so, to prove (or disprove) the point, I think I will hop straight to      compiling 5.12-rc4
21:19 Throwawayname: Wait. Found a trace of my old debian install saying 5.10.5.
21:19 Throwawayname: It had absolutely same symptoms
21:35 kherbst: ahh.. annoying :/
21:37 RSpliet: GT216 wasn't super common, but the DDR3 version shouldn't pose any serious challenges
21:42 kherbst: yeah.. shouldn't be an issue I hope..
21:43 kherbst: but who knows
21:43 kherbst: Throwawayname: but is it really just the console?
21:43 kherbst: does X and such work correclty?
21:44 Throwawayname: Nothing (in terms of photons reaching my eyes in certain, expected ways) works after modprobing nouveau
21:45 kherbst: ohh okay
21:45 kherbst: strange
21:47 kherbst: Throwawayname: does grep . /sys/class/drm/card*/status list something as connected?
21:48 Throwawayname: Not right now... Gotta reboot out of nouveau.modprobe=0 first