22:48 Lol_Area: quick question. I'm unsure if my temps on my GPU might be the result of Nouveau or Sensors being faulty in my GPU. As of now on idle with 0 graphical input, I see my GPU idling at around 84 C but on Windows it's much cooler. IDK what exactly is going on with it.
22:53 tandpijn: what display manager do you use?
22:54 Lol_Area: It's Ubuntu Server so there isn't any GUI so I think there is no display manager
22:54 Lol_Area: Ubuntu Server 20.04.1 to be exact
22:55 tandpijn: i guess its gdm3
22:55 tandpijn: ah sorry
22:57 tandpijn: see if powertop tweaks help you
23:01 Lol_Area: yeah for some reason the GPU says its 100% usage in powertop
23:02 tandpijn: same here, I guess this is normal
23:07 tandpijn: you can always try to /etc/init.d/gdm3 or whateverdm stop
23:07 tandpijn: maybe its running in background