11:27 sleepymario: hello, nouveau support for GT710-4H-SL-2GD5 is excellent right? product link: https://24h.pchome.com.tw/prod/DRAD1N-A900AP8CU
11:27 sleepymario: with 0 firmware needed, is that correct?
11:27 sleepymario: it's just for a simple homeserver, no fancy 3D accelleration needed
12:48 RSpliet: sleepymario: nouveau uploads open source firmwares to that GPU for 3D acceleration and power/fan management.
12:49 RSpliet: in the past, libre-kernels ripped these firmwares out of nouveau. For no good reason really, as they're open source. If you intend to run such a libre kernel you may still run into some trouble.
12:49 sleepymario: RSpliet: thank you. so basically there's no proprietary firmware needed right (that's what I meant)
12:50 sleepymario: okay thank you. I run a more general kernel myself, so it shouldn't be a problem.
12:51 RSpliet: proprietary firmware is necessary on this card if you wish to use the accelerated video decoder on the GPU.
12:53 sleepymario: RSpliet: okay. But it will run fine without, right? I'm seeing 3 advantages of this card: 1) lower power use 2) nouveau works 3) no proprietary firmware needed to run.
12:54 sleepymario: it's just for a simple server.
12:56 RSpliet: Yep, you can simply choose not to install the video decoder firmwares and the rest of the card will work fine.
12:56 sleepymario: RSpliet: all right, thanks for your help :-) have a good day everyone!
12:56 RSpliet: by the way, nouveau doesn't do much voltage/frequency scaling. For this card you get a manual control, but there's no load-based clock switching
12:57 sleepymario: RSpliet: I read about this, but to be honest I didn't fully understand it. Does it mean that I have to manually set it to some low power-voltage setting?
12:57 sleepymario: What i was wondering is what it will do by default
12:58 RSpliet: and manually ramp it up if you ever need some more performance.
12:58 sleepymario: got it
12:58 sleepymario: thanks!
12:58 RSpliet: By default it doesn't touch the clocks. What that means differs from card to card, but generally "a" lower clock
12:59 sleepymario: Okay I will try to figure it out, will be back here if I need some help.