20:22 Rodrigo_: with help from gdkchan from Ryujinx we managed to get an OpenGL shader dumper
20:22 Rodrigo_: here's the code, it has to be adapted to glx/egl https://pastebin.com/raw/30dw6KQV
20:23 Rodrigo_: it uses NV_command_list to inject MME, call it and get the current code_address pointer
20:23 Rodrigo_: then with NV_shader_buffer_load, the contents are copied to a GL buffer, read from the client and dumped to a file
20:24 Rodrigo_: I thought it might be useful for nouveau
20:24 Rodrigo_: it only works on Pascal and older devices, as they've changed the MME ISA
20:32 imirkin: we normally use mmt to trace blob
20:32 imirkin: that gets everything
20:35 Rodrigo_: demmt dir on envytools, right?
20:40 imirkin: demmt to decode
20:40 imirkin: (valgrind-)mmt to capture