00:41 imirkin: kingsley: 4k@30 should work fine over hdmi. 4k@60 over DP is possible if you have DP connectors. i'm told the blob driver somehow manages to enable yuv420 encoding, which allows 4k@60 over hdmi (with slightly reduced color fidelity i guess)
00:42 imirkin: kingsley: that said, not sure it'd support 4x 4k@30 -- only way to be sure would be to try it out of course
00:43 imirkin: if someone's desperate for it, i could try to figure out how yuv420 can be done on kepler. but i'm not too keen on it.
00:44 kingsley: imirkin: Thank you very much for reassuring me that 4k@30 should work fine over hdmi. At least for me, resolution is more important than speed.
00:45 imirkin: kingsley: yeah, depending what you do, 4k@30 is not noticeable, or incredibly frustrating to use
00:45 kingsley: I agree.
00:46 imirkin: staring at code and typing -- most people aren't going to be going fast enough for the 30hz to matter :)
00:47 kingsley: imirkin: If you happen to have the time, and are so inclined, I'd be happy to receive your current point of view on which 4k card nouveau works on, if any, is most open and therefore, I assume safer? I've read good things about
00:48 imirkin: well, i think kepler was the first gen that could support 4k at all
00:48 kingsley: ASUS GT710-4H-SL-2GD5
00:48 imirkin: so anything pre-kepler is right out
00:48 kingsley: and
00:49 imirkin: as for specific boards, i have no real opinion
00:49 kingsley: gtx750.
00:49 imirkin: i used a GK208B for a while, but it was slightly flaky at times. not sure why. never understood it.
00:49 imirkin: gtx750 is a GM107, which should be reasonably supported as well
00:49 imirkin: same GL, same capabilities really
00:49 imirkin: from an end-user perspective
00:50 imirkin: oh, the one thing missing on maxwell is hw-assisted video decode. that should sorta-work on kepler.
00:50 imirkin: although if you refuse to use closed firmware, the hw-assisted video decode isn't going to work for you
00:52 kingsley: imirkin: I'd also be interested in your thoughts on how well the nouveau project is currently replacing all firmware and BIOS, toward the ideal of a truly open GPU.
00:53 imirkin: ah. i wrote a doc about that.
00:53 imirkin: let me see if i can find it.
00:53 imirkin: kingsley: https://www.phoronix.com/forums/forum/linux-graphics-x-org-drivers/open-source-nvidia-linux-nouveau/998310-nouveau-persevered-in-2017-for-open-source-nvidia-but-2018-could-be-much-better?p=998427#post998427
00:54 imirkin: doesn't fully cover your question, but may be of interest.
00:56 airlied: REing the BIOS isn't really in the nouveau project remit though
00:59 kingsley: imirkin: Thank you very much!
01:06 imirkin: (as i re-read it, some bits look awkward, but it's due to some specific incorrect comments made earlier in the thread)
04:54 kingsley: Maybe it would be easier to develop a tool that screens the output of closed source peripherals than rewriting all the various firmware for every GPU engine on every card. Like something called "gpudiff". I suppose the output of a video card could be compared to another's, or maybe to a reference output. What do you think? Would it even be possible automatically compare the output of peripherals, like video cards (or SSds), for different
04:54 kingsley: output?
17:39 luyanaa: Issue: When I was installing Ubuntu 20.04 LTS on a machine with TU102
17:40 luyanaa: TU102 & 10900KF. the nouveau driver didn't work properly
17:41 luyanaa: Screen was blurred, and no more error information can be read from the screen. The same problem appeared again after I installed Ubuntu with safe graphic mode and intended to boot normally.
17:42 luyanaa: After changing into the proprietary driver, Ubuntu boots normally now, is there any suggestions on troubleshooting?
19:55 ignapk: Hey, I'm trying to get better performance out of my gt 540m, and have localized /sys/kernel/debug/dri/0/pstate with following contents: https://paste.rs/Pcw
19:57 ignapk: from screenshots online I understand that I can change between these states by echo oneofthosenumbers > pstate, and then one of these fields gets an Asterix at the end which indicates the chosen one, but there doesn't seem to be any indicator currently?
19:58 ignapk: how do I know which one is currently active?
19:58 ignapk: also can I just pick the highest frequency, or should I monitor the temperature and if yes then where?
20:05 ignapk: oh the last entry is the same as one of the former so it's probably the one activated
20:12 ignapk: unfortunately seems like mine card doesn't have support for reclocking, getting this error: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/339141/function-not-implemented-nouveau-clocking?rq=1
20:16 ignapk: just found another report https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=111128
20:33 ignapk: and the closest to my case I could find https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=71994