03:04 Lyude: huh, or maybe it's fixed?
04:50 pmoreau: @karolherbst I don’t have any time to work on Nouveau at the moment; if I find some, I would like to get the IL series in, but that’s most likely about as much I can hope to get done before Christmas (and maybe even before May next year). :-/
07:08 mupuf: pmoreau: thesis-writing time? In any case, good luck with that!
07:37 pmoreau: @mupuf Not yet, but thank you; paper submission time + course work and teaching.
07:37 mupuf: Busy time, indeed!
19:48 jcline: weee, got all the IGT core_hotunplug tests passing
19:48 karolherbst: nice
19:49 jcline: It's going to take a while to clean up everything for submission though :(
20:16 Lyude: jcline: on nouveau?
21:14 Lyude: skeggsb: btw, if envytools had a text width limit, what would you want it to be? (karol doesn't care, imirkin wants 80, I want 100, a tie breaker would be nice)
21:15 skeggsb:likes 100 now
21:15 skeggsb: especially with using nvidia's headers...
21:16 skeggsb: that said, i don't touch envytools much, so, i'm not sure i should get a vote :P
21:17 Lyude: jfyi too, the reason I'm touching envytools right now is to see if I can find any other vbios scripts that might be related to the panel power stuff I've been looking at
21:27 Lyude: i, am definitely going to just go with 100 actually because I just realized how poorly a lot of nvbios.c wraps to 80 chars
21:48 jcline: Lyude, yeah
21:48 Lyude: jcline: nice! i'll be happy to review it whenever it's ready (also sorry I didn't get to reviewing any of that doc stuff, ended up getting sidetracked by backlight stuff for nouveau)
21:49 jcline: Cool, I'll cc you. I'm doing some hacky stuff so while I hope I'll have it all squared away tomorrow, we'll see
21:50 Lyude: fwiw, I've been making pretty good progress with tiling + nouveau on igt, although I'm not sure i'll have time t continue working on it this week