05:48 lovesegfault: Have any of you played with any of the Jetson SBCs?
13:37 never_released: lovesegfault: yes
13:38 imirkin: lovesegfault: i think karolherbst has a Jetson Nano. i have a TK1, but i could never quite get it to work with my own kernels
18:48 lovesegfault: imirkin: Interesting, I just got an AGX Xavier and it's super cursede
19:07 imirkin: that's the volta one?
19:35 lovesegfault: imirkin: Yeah, it's the fanciest one they have right now, I think
19:35 lovesegfault: They don't have an Ampere one yet
19:35 lovesegfault: but it's all really cursed, custom kernel, custom bootloader, etc
19:52 imirkin: sounds par for the course
23:12 fincs: Hmmm looks like mesa 20.1 is coming really soon ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
23:13 fincs: I'm done rebasing our changes to 20.1.0-rc3 and it works great so far
23:13 fincs: (Switch support changes)
23:15 imirkin: yay
23:31 imirkin: hopefully not as many "// fincs" comments all over?
23:32 fincs: Nah, I don't do // fincs in that repo
23:32 imirkin: it's all fincs, so kinda implied? :)
23:33 fincs: The // fincs thing was in a different repo that isn't actually based off the main mesa repo
23:34 fincs: Also, we've deployed a 20.1-rc3 package as well (we needed to fix an unrelated problem related to compiler flags/ABI anyway)
23:34 imirkin: ah ok
23:34 fincs: (Side effect: now mesa is upgraded and has all the cool new stuff :p)
23:35 imirkin: yay
23:35 imirkin: well, some of the cool new stuff
23:35 imirkin: hopefully the passthrough gs thing will be done next time
23:35 imirkin: i might switch to doing a bit of a3xx work though
23:36 fincs: Np
23:36 fincs: (we're timesharing our brains with other stuff that needs attention here too)
23:36 imirkin: like sleep :)
23:36 fincs: Heh, I meant other maintenance work
23:36 imirkin: (a3xx = Adreno A300-series, not nvidia at all)
23:36 fincs: (Like the great gcc10 migration)
23:36 imirkin: hehe