09:44 maccraft123: imirkin: do you know how to see if nouveau loads firmware and which one exactly it loads?
12:24 imirkin: maccraft123: nvaa would only load firmware for video decoding, it'd be the nv98_* files in /lib/firmware/nouveau, if you have them
12:24 imirkin: (i.e. h264 accel and whatnot)
12:24 maccraft123: hmm
12:24 imirkin: there's also "firmware" for context switching, but it's generated on the fly by nouveau
12:25 maccraft123: so
12:26 imirkin: [for the tesla generation, that is... fermi+ is fixed firmware, also built into the nouveau kernel driver]
12:26 maccraft123: it is impossible to fix that issue with hanging?
12:26 imirkin: impossible is a strong word
12:26 imirkin: we have no clue why it's hanging
12:26 maccraft123: happens also with proprietary drivers
12:26 imirkin: can you attach to the problem game with gdb
12:27 imirkin: and see what's up?
12:27 maccraft123: how
12:27 imirkin: are you a developer?
12:27 maccraft123: no
12:27 imirkin: o
12:27 imirkin: well, find the process id
12:27 imirkin: and run
12:27 imirkin: gdb -p the-id
12:27 imirkin: and then run "bt all"
12:28 imirkin: which should give you a backtrace in all the threads
12:28 imirkin: then you can quit to resume the process
12:28 maccraft123: i mean i am coreboot developer but i didn't need to use gdb to track down issues
12:28 imirkin: the fact that it hangs on nvidia blob is not completely encouraging
12:29 imirkin: are you using coreboot with this board?
12:29 maccraft123: no
12:29 imirkin: ok
12:29 maccraft123: chipset isn't yet ported
12:29 imirkin: coz there's a lot of weird init that you have to do :)
12:29 imirkin: and it wouldn't have been entirely surprising if coreboot had missed a piece
12:29 maccraft123: yes and that's all done by vgabios
12:29 maccraft123: afaik
12:30 imirkin: well... it's an IGP
12:30 imirkin: so it's done by who-knows-what
12:30 maccraft123: still vgabios
12:30 imirkin: maybe, maybe not. you have no way of knowing
12:30 maccraft123: extracted dumped bios image and here i see, a vgabios
12:30 imirkin: right
12:30 imirkin: but who knows where the logic sits to init various bits of the IGP
12:31 maccraft123: in vgabios
12:31 maccraft123: thats the point of it
12:31 imirkin: that *can* be the point of it
12:31 imirkin: but with an integrated platform, people like to stick stuff all over the place.
12:31 maccraft123: i will be using radeon gpu for development anyway
12:33 imirkin: good idea.
12:34 maccraft123: yea
17:12 maccraft123: imirkin: oh hey i attached xonotic with gdb
17:12 imirkin_: when it was hung, presumably?
17:12 maccraft123: bt all returns "No stack.:
17:12 maccraft123: bt all returns "No stack."
17:12 imirkin_: heh
17:12 imirkin_: how about
17:12 imirkin_: i threads
17:12 maccraft123: No threads.
17:13 maccraft123: weird
17:13 maccraft123: it has unfreezed while xonotic was still running
17:13 maccraft123: and i was able to switch desktops
17:13 imirkin_: this is starting to sound like a xonotic issue :)
17:13 maccraft123: but when i opened another terminal window it has frozen again
17:14 maccraft123: imirkin_: should i launch portal1?
17:14 imirkin_: oh, multiple things freeze? hm
17:14 maccraft123: imirkin_: maybe its filling the vram?
17:15 imirkin_: well, at 128MB, not hard to achieve
17:15 imirkin_: you could create yourself a larger vram area (in the bios)
17:15 imirkin_: it's usually configurable, not sure what values are supported
17:15 maccraft123: ok i will set the largest one
17:15 imirkin_: it's all fake though ... we should just run the driver as if it's UMA, since it basically is.
17:18 maccraft123: not fake
17:18 maccraft123: ram size decreases
17:18 imirkin_: i know
17:18 imirkin_: but it's fake in that it's not actual vram
17:19 imirkin_: it's just regular ram
17:19 maccraft123: IT WAS FILLING UP THE RAM
17:19 imirkin_: it's not special memory attached to the chip which it has faster access to
17:19 maccraft123: now xonotic opened the menu
17:19 imirkin_: yay
17:20 maccraft123: brb playing xonotic
17:20 imirkin_: ;)
17:21 imirkin_: i think we prefer the term "testing"
17:21 maccraft123: hshs
17:21 maccraft123: haha
17:22 maccraft321: okay done testing
17:22 maccraft321: now its time to do prime offloading
17:31 maccraft321: wow even it does work ootb
17:31 maccraft321: i love crt displays
17:31 imirkin_: they don't make 'em like they used to
17:32 maccraft321: 800x600@105hz is pretty good for free crt
18:11 maccraft321: imirkin_: i like testing opengl
18:12 maccraft321: only 8 test chambers to go :p
18:13 imirkin_: hehe
21:26 gruetzkopf: (stupid sh*post: opengl is such a small api, i bet it's easy to implement https://gruetzkopf.org/sgi/Bildschirmfoto%20zu%202018-03-28_18-18-44.png )