02:58 imirkin: karolherbst - if you happen to read backlog -- try to do a CTS run across various gens. i will on GP108 which is what i have plugged in, but ideally we'd get wider coverage.
02:59 imirkin: (see the patch i sent to fix the depth blit scaling thing)
02:59 imirkin: (your original fix was correct ... sorry it took so long to realize that)
03:37 joepublic: I did notice with my (now totally stable) "NVIDIA GK110B [GeForce GTX 780 Ti]" that rendering glitches in SmartHome3d are gone (vs. with the older GTX 760)
03:37 imirkin: could have been some kind of RA issues that hit at 64 regs but not at 256 regs
03:37 imirkin: or something else entirely unrelated.
03:38 imirkin: (GK110 and GK208 have 256 regs, while GK10x has 64 regs)
03:38 imirkin: (not to mention different argument order for texture instructions. good times.)
03:38 joepublic: before, it didn't render furniture (just abstract shapes) - now works perfectly and of course faster to boot
03:39 imirkin: didn't you originally have stability issues with the 780?
03:39 joepublic: yes. pstate 07 and "default state" crash pretty predictably, so I just keep it at 0a or 0f and it's all good.
03:39 imirkin: heh ok
05:01 imirkin: ok, everything passes for GL 4.5 except KHR-GL45.gl_spirv.spirv_validation_capabilities_test, which is just a test bug =/
05:05 imirkin: now someone needs to figure out the proper process for generating submissions