01:45 imirkin: hm, some digging later, it's unclear why dri-logger doesn't auto-join =/
18:14 Fort1: I have GeForce 7200 GS / 7300 SE under Debian Stretch, currently using nvidia-legacy-304xx-driver. I cannot upgrade to Buster, since the driver no longer exist in the repo. Can I use Nouveau? I use two monitors, further I do nothing fancy.
18:32 diogenes_: Fort1, of course you can.
18:38 Fort1: diogenes_: thanks! I ask, because 2-3 years ago, nouveau was randomly crashing the system.
18:38 Fort1: Therefore I switched to nvidia driver
18:39 diogenes_: Fort1, it only gets better.
18:39 Fort1: :-)
18:41 Fort1: I'll try, thanks. I have another machine with GeForce 210, where nouveau works perfectly