03:35 Kthik: Hi, I have a machine with an Nvidia GPU on PCIe. The bios has an option to switch between the nvidia gpu and using intel. Problem is that if I select intel through the bios, the nvidia gpu does not show up on `lspci` and is powered down. I would like to use intel for my display and run cuda applications on the gpu.
03:35 Kthik: Is this possible? If so, how would I go about doing this?
03:35 Kthik: Thanks for your help
03:41 HdkR: Don't select that option, plug the displays in to the Intel GPU, potentially blacklist nouveau kernel module
03:41 HdkR: Make sure nvidia blob doesn't hardcode the driver to be "nvidia" in xorg.conf
03:51 Kthik: I have currently set it to intel. I have removed the hardcoded nvidia option in xorg.conf. However, the GPU get detected in PCIe (even as some unkown device). I think the bios just turns it off for some reason.
03:51 Kthik: the GPU does not get detected*
03:52 HdkR: weird. Maybe if you set it to Nvidia then it won't heck with the iGPU
03:55 Kthik: If I set it to nvidia in the bios and plug displays through intel, I have to blacklist nvidia driver. Cause otherwise the screens don't show up. And if I do that, I can't run CUDA applications.