00:00 karolherbst: HdkR: sadly, the switch and the second network card did't arrive yet.. :(
00:09 HdkR: Still some more time until a full CI then :P
00:11 Lyude: rhyskidd: fwiw, I still need you to update your xorg membership for the vesa membership :)
02:19 karolherbst: HdkR: I should probably create some wiki page or something to write down the status of the CI
02:20 karolherbst: and what's missing and stuff
02:20 karolherbst: but I think I generally prefer people sending me old laptops with nvidia GPUs, mini desktops with onboard cards. They need way less space, and usualy account for way less power
02:22 HdkR: Yea, ATX rigs take up a bit more space
02:22 HdkR: Multi-gpu rigs might be interesting, but more annoying to make sure it works
02:22 karolherbst: I have a mac mini with a tesla GPU :)
02:23 HdkR: Well that's just wacky
02:23 karolherbst: it's slow as heck though
02:23 karolherbst: :D
02:28 HdkR: https://coinminer.com/product/gpu-enclosure-8-cards/ One of these would be interesting if you just need physical cards
02:29 karolherbst: well
02:29 karolherbst: the issue is just that most of the tests are CPU bound :(
02:29 HdkR: Yea, that's why there is an issue :D
02:31 HdkR: Oh right, they make open air stackable mining rigs that allow you to do something more flexible
02:31 HdkR: https://www.banggood.com/8-GPU-Aluminum-Open-Air-Mining-Miner-Rig-Stackable-Frame-Case-For-ETH-Ethereum-p-1257688.html With PCIe bifurcation it would be easy.
02:32 HdkR: If you want to spend the time figuring out threading + multi-gpu optimizations just for CI then that is a route you could go :P
02:33 HdkR: 1 core, 2 threads per GPU is easy. 2 core, 4 threads per GPU gets harder
02:33 karolherbst: I'd rather just stack laptop on top of each other :p
02:33 HdkR: Sure :)
06:03 rhyskidd: Lyude: is my xorg membership not current?
06:22 rhyskidd: Lyude: ah, yes. My Xorg membership status is now corrected.
19:29 karolherbst: HdkR: seems like the board powers up relibly now, so I think it was really the CPU or something
19:30 HdkR: makes sense if it has some random junk conflicting with the pins
19:30 karolherbst: yeah.. at first I thought a PIN was bented, because it looked odd, anyway, seems to work now
19:31 karolherbst: still wondering what server distribution to put on it.. trying centos 8 now, but they lack too behind for my taste
19:32 karolherbst: maybe some container specialized stuff?
19:33 HdkR: That one is a bit harder since I'd be lazy and slap Ubuntu on something like this
19:33 karolherbst: not ubuntu please :(
19:34 karolherbst: something like centos is nice as it doesn't come with random shit, and if I containerize everything then that's good enough
19:34 karolherbst: I am just a bit concerned about the kernel side
19:34 karolherbst: but that might be solved when centos 8.1 comes out anyway
19:36 karolherbst: HdkR: that's how it currently looks like on the machine: https://i.imgur.com/Iq1JPx2.png :)
19:36 HdkR: Nice
19:37 karolherbst: mhh, maybe I install coreos or so
19:37 karolherbst: they have this dual system partition thing going on
19:37 karolherbst: so an update won't leave me with an unbootable system
19:53 LLIypuk: evening, is the a way to download firmware extacted from nvidia-390x driver? i was able to extact fw from 340x package but am instrested in a bit updated version
19:55 imirkin: why?
19:56 imirkin: the 325 version is the best one, iirc
19:57 LLIypuk: i'm just asking
19:57 imirkin: anyways, ideally you'd use a verison that has all the firmware, which iirc is the 340.x series
19:57 imirkin: but if you want to try to get updated firmware (very rare that there are any updates), you can try to get the script to work with newer versions
19:57 LLIypuk: was not satisfied with 340x+nouveau+mpv_hw_accel
19:57 imirkin: the issues are in nouveau, not in the firmware
20:03 HdkR: If only Nvidia provided an --extract-firmware option on their binary blob :P
20:04 LLIypuk: fat chance
20:10 njsg: if they did, it'd probably be undocumented, anyway