15:40 comradekingu: Can I run a UDH display with a 4GB 1050Ti card on nouveau?
15:42 comradekingu: 60Hz
16:34 kherbst: comradekingu: it should be supported
16:35 kherbst: no idea how well that's tested over HDMI, but it might work.. imirkin do you know if this is expeced to work or expected to run into issues?
17:10 comradekingu: One DP, one HDMI 2.0
17:11 comradekingu: Or subsitute one of those with duallink DVI. That is my plan
17:34 imirkin_: should work fine - the HDMI 2.0 support is slightly finicky, but should be mostly OK
17:36 imirkin_: if i can get more info on any finicky-ness, perhaps i can improve the logic