19:58 danvet: imirkin, btw any luck with the pushbuf patch?
19:59 imirkin: none at all. need to build + reboot.
19:59 imirkin: maybe tonight.
20:00 imirkin: i've been obsessing over chess =/
20:00 imirkin: (i suck)
20:00 imirkin: (both at chess, and for not doing it)
20:08 mooch: my nv3 emulation finally has windows 3.11 submit good pfifo commands!
20:08 imirkin: woohoo!
20:09 mooch: hopefully, in a few days, i can get the thing rendering something!
20:30 imirkin: were there OS/2 drivers too?
20:37 mooch: i don't know
20:37 mooch: probably not, this was a circa 1997 card i think?
20:38 imirkin: OS/2 and Win05 were around the same time
20:38 imirkin: i think OS/2 came out first?
20:38 imirkin: Win95*
20:43 mooch: OS/2 came out when win 3.1 was out
20:43 mooch: so, 1993-ish?
20:43 mooch: i dunno
20:43 mooch: it already wasn't popular by 1997 though
20:43 imirkin: Initial release December 1987; 31 years ago
20:43 imirkin: holy crap
20:44 imirkin: it was never popular.
20:44 mooch: oh there is an os/2 driver!
20:44 mooch: beos drivers too, though they seem to have disappeared sadly :c
20:45 imirkin: OS/2 2.0 was 32-bit apparently, in 1992
20:45 imirkin: so far ahead of stupid MS =/