02:50 imirkin: uis: any additional info that could be used to debug?
02:50 imirkin: like an apitrace that reproduces the issue
02:50 imirkin: or even a mention of what program you're running?
02:50 imirkin: (or if you know - the shader that triggers the issue)
03:57 kingsley: Is there a better way to find out how well quadro K4200s are supported than referring to its family named "NVE0" or "Kepler" at https://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/FeatureMatrix/?
03:57 kingsley: If so, how?
03:58 imirkin: kingsley: if you have specific questions, feel free to ask here
03:58 kingsley: imirkin: Thanks.
03:59 imirkin: kingsley: in general, kepler is the best-supported generation
04:00 kingsley: imirkin: I'm glad to see it. I just bought one.
04:00 imirkin: but even more generally, buy an amd gpu -- it's supported by amd
04:00 imirkin: oh. i see. too late then =/
04:01 kingsley: I can still buy an AMD if necessary.
04:03 imirkin: depending on your needs -- nouveau could work out
04:03 imirkin: nvidia blob is quite solid too, if you're happy running binaries downloaded off the internet at ring 0...
04:04 kingsley: I'm wary of closed source blobs.
04:05 imirkin: yeah, i'm not a fan myself
04:10 kingsley: imirkin: Thank you very much for generously sharing your expertise. Both are fine qualities.
04:11 imirkin: anyways, by now, you get stuff like GL, you get DP-MST support, you get (shitty) video decoding accel
04:12 imirkin: and you get reclocking
04:12 imirkin: you ALSO get things like random hangs =/
04:12 imirkin: (although isn't the K4200 a GM107? although that should be reasonably well-supported too)
04:13 imirkin: ah no - it's a GK104
04:13 imirkin: K2200 is GM107.
04:17 kingsley: imirkin: Do you happen to have an opinion on whether it would be reasonable for me to try
04:18 imirkin: to try what?
04:18 kingsley: 1.) Buying a 4K monitor with a display port,
04:18 imirkin: 4k@60 should work fine afaik, over DP on kepler
04:18 kingsley: 2.) installing Debian's Unstable distribution,
04:19 kingsley: 3.) installing its Nouveau related packages, like xserver-xorg-video-nouveau
04:19 kingsley: 4.) installing gnome and
04:19 kingsley: 5.) testing?
04:19 imirkin: 1-3 should be fine
04:20 imirkin: i'd stay away from things that start with a G or a K
04:22 imirkin: basically every fancy toolkit has decided that it absolutely must use GL to render everything
04:22 imirkin: this puts a much heavier load on nouveau than it was originally tested with
04:23 imirkin: which surfaces a lot of issues.
04:36 kingsley: Hmph.
04:36 kingsley: I hope to use the computer to display charts in spread sheets.
04:37 kingsley: Would you agree that if it hangs too often, I should just buy an AMD video card?
04:43 imirkin: it's in the eyes of the beholder
04:43 imirkin: i can only comment on my own usage
04:43 imirkin: which is as follows:
04:43 imirkin: windowmaker for the wm, no funny desktop session bs
04:43 imirkin: lots of terminals, chrome with 3d accel force-enabled
04:43 imirkin: occasional things like gnumeric and other similar types of applications
04:44 imirkin: i only started getting hangs very recently, always when using lichess.org
04:44 imirkin: so ... something that chrome tickles in its 3d rendering i think
04:45 imirkin: p.s. i'm a lot worse at chess than i remember being ... barely hanging onto 1200 blitz/bullet ratings
04:46 kingsley: imirkin: Thank you for your detailed thoughts.
04:46 kingsley: Is my understanding correct that gnumeric worked and / or works with your NVidia card and nouveau?
04:46 imirkin: that is correct
04:47 imirkin: i haven't run into any issues
04:47 kingsley: I'm glad to see it.
04:47 imirkin: at various points, people have reported problems with stuff like gnome-session
04:47 imirkin: and i know that kde plasma is definitely very hangy for people
04:47 kingsley: If it'd be convenient, comfortable, and all those good things, maybe you tell me
04:47 kingsley: 1.) which card model you use and
04:48 imirkin: i currently have a GK208 plugged in, however this should apply to any kepler-generation board
04:48 kingsley: 2.) whether you tried charting data in gnumeric.
04:48 imirkin: i haven't done charts in gnumeric much
04:48 imirkin: (if ever)
04:49 imirkin: just did a simple chart - it's fine
04:50 imirkin: hangs tend to happen semi-randomly though, so perhaps with heavy usage, who knows
04:58 kingsley: imirkin: Thank you very much for testing a chart.
04:58 kingsley: It was very nice of you.
04:59 kingsley: Please accept the following as a not-so-humble token of my appreciation:
04:59 kingsley: imirkin!
04:59 kingsley: imirkin!
04:59 kingsley: Barve!
05:00 imirkin: np
05:00 kingsley: (s/Barve!/Brave!/)
05:00 kingsley: Courageous!
05:00 kingsley: And bold!
05:00 kingsley: Long live his fame!
05:00 kingsley: Long his glory!
05:00 kingsley: And long may his story
05:00 kingsley: be told!
05:17 endrift: This probably isn't the right place for this (it's more a general Linux problem, but people here may have seen it before) but doing "modprobe nouveau" is telling me it's been aliased to "off" (which obviously can't be loaded)....but I can't figure out where and how it's been aliased.
05:17 imirkin: never heard of that
05:17 imirkin: grep -r nouveau /etc
05:17 endrift: it's nowhere in /etc/modprobe.d (that's uncommented at least)
05:18 endrift: imirkin: that was my first step, alas
05:18 imirkin: cat /proc/cmdline
05:18 endrift: nothing relevant there either
05:19 endrift: also tried looking in /lib/modules/$(uname -r)
05:19 imirkin: strace -f -e file modprobe nouveau
05:19 imirkin: see where it's looking
05:20 endrift: oh good idea
05:20 endrift: I tried modprobe -vvvv nouveau but that didn't tell me which files
05:21 endrift: it was in /lib/modprobe.d/nvidia-graphics-drivers.conf
05:21 endrift: thanks
05:21 imirkin: ooh, /lib -- that's news to me
05:23 endrift: for reference, this is Ubuntu LTS
05:23 imirkin: is that file part of nvidia blob's install
05:23 imirkin: or has ubuntu declared nouveau unworthy?
05:24 endrift: it's part of one of the blob packages
05:24 endrift: I just uninstalled all of them since I'm not on a supported kernel anyway
05:24 endrift: it loads fine now
05:34 endrift: Now I get to decide if I want to cherry-pick a single change from 5.4 onto 5.3.x, wait for 5.4 to come out, or run an RC kernel...
05:41 imirkin: nouveau change?
05:42 alkisg: Ubuntu puts nouveau.ko in /lib/modules/5.0.0-31-generic/kernel/drivers/gpu/drm/nouveau/nouveau.ko
05:42 alkisg: But custom kernels => dunno
05:43 imirkin: alkisg: i think endrift is one step ahead of you :)
05:43 endrift: imirkin: no, unrelated to nouveau (it's EDAC related)
05:43 alkisg: imirkin: hi, if you ever want me to give you remote access to a box with tnt2 and whatever distro you want, ping me :)
05:44 endrift: technically right now I'm running a kernel downloaded from Ubuntu's kernel PPA, so it's similar, but yeah I could have just insmod'd it like I did last time
05:44 endrift: but I had just rebooted the computer and wanted to fix it for real this time
08:40 danvet: skeggsb, [PATCH 2/3] drm/nouveau: slowpath for pushbuf ioctl <- totally forgot to bribe you about this one at xdc ...
15:16 imirkin: danvet: i'll try to test it out next reboot. i'm being convinced to try some stuff with a NV5 anyways, sadly no hotplug pci for me
15:17 danvet: imirkin, thx a lot
15:17 imirkin: now that the "nouveau is totally broken" issue is hopefully resolved :)
15:17 danvet: yeah that was a bad distraction :-/
15:18 imirkin: on the bright side, if i hadn't been testing your thing, it would have taken that much longer to notice
15:18 danvet: I think some others complained too about it, we broke the world :-(
15:19 imirkin: maybe? i don't remember seeing it, but perhaps i didn't look hard