13:21 uis: Hello
13:22 uis: Should firmware signed on gtx 760ti?
15:26 HdkR: How soon until we can slap Karol in to getting a bouncer? :P
17:23 mooch: hey, apparently the xf86-video-nv driver mentions in some of the comments a RIVA 128 Technical Reference Manual. does anybody here happen to have a copy that i could use?
17:24 mooch: hopefully one that isn't under NDA :P
17:25 HdkR: Could be the first one that appears when you google that exact phrase
17:25 mooch: ah my bad, programming reference manual
17:25 mooch: i'm afraid it isn't HdkR
17:26 mooch: all i get are results for the unhelpful riva 128 datasheet
17:27 mooch: at least, i could've sworn there were references to such a manual in that driver
20:06 uis: nvc0_program_translate:610 - shader translation failed: -4
20:08 uis: On NVE4
20:18 Lyude: mooch: fwiw, I'm going to forward the specifics that you asked for to andy ritger from nv today, since they should be able to help if there's anything. That being said I wouldn't get your hopes up about riva related stuff: long story short, there was apparently a backup failure at nv headquarters a loooong while back that resulted in a lot of riva related stuff being lost
20:20 mooch: oof ;-;
20:21 Lyude: yeah
20:22 mooch: i wonder if amd still has docs on ati's 3d rage series of cards?
20:22 Lyude: mooch: ask agd5f_ about that, they'd probably know
20:23 Lyude: also, good luck :P
20:23 mooch: oh thanks!
20:51 uis: Lyude: so there are no riva specs?
20:52 Lyude: uis: I don't know 100% for sure yet, it's possible there might be a few that they did manage to recover
20:52 Lyude: but it sounds like a lot of them just ended up getting lost because of that, yeah
20:54 Lyude: (this isn't the first time I've heard of such things at a hw company btw, it's surprising how common this kind of stuff is...)
20:54 uis: Sad but true
21:54 HdkR: Lyude: There is also a lot of internet misinformation about why old support is dropped. like internet people think fermi was dropped because of lost sources :p
21:54 Lyude: yeah
21:54 Lyude: HdkR: also lol
22:15 agd5f_: Lyude, a lot of our old stuff gets moved to tape, etc. as servers are retired. not always easy to access it. Especially if it's a part that is years old.
22:15 Lyude: mhhh, makes sense
22:15 Lyude: *mhm