20:11 Lyude: uhhhh
20:12 Lyude: https://github.com/NVIDIA/open-gpu-doc/blob/master/Display-CRC/display-crc.txt did nvidia forget to specify what HEAD_SET_CONTEXT_DMA_CRC is here??
20:23 Lyude: oh!
20:23 Lyude: I found it, it's just not mentioned in that specific file for some reason
20:45 mooch: i really wish nvidia would release docs on their oldest cards :c
20:46 mooch: they're not commercially profitable anymore, so i'm having trouble seeing the point of keeping the docs secret still
20:49 Lyude: mooch: have you asked?
20:49 Lyude: tbh though-
20:49 Lyude: they mmmmmay not have docs that far back
20:49 mooch: yeah i emailed nvidia, but no response
20:50 Lyude: actually there's some nvidia folks here tonight, I'll see if I can remember to ask them for you
20:50 mooch: i mean, i've heard some claims that some nouveau people might have riva 128 docs *shrug*
20:50 mooch: ah, thanks!
20:50 mooch: tell them i'm trying to write a riva 128 emulator
20:52 mooch: also tell them i'm also interested in nv1 docs
20:52 mooch: Lyude, wait, what are the nicks of the nvidia people here right now?
20:52 mooch: i could ask one of them myself
20:52 Lyude: mooch: I actually don't know
20:52 Lyude: I don't think any of them are in here
20:52 mooch: oof :c
20:53 Lyude: or rather, I don't think andy's in here and he's probably the person that would know this
20:53 mooch: wait, then why did you say that some were here tonight
20:53 mooch: ah
20:53 mooch: who's andy?
20:56 Lyude: mooch: the person from nvidia we usually ask tis stuff
20:56 Lyude: mooch: I meant "here" as in XDC
20:56 mooch: ah
20:57 mooch: where can i contact them myself?
20:58 Lyude: mooch: I don't actually know, sorry
20:58 mooch: oof
20:58 Lyude: skeggsb would probably remember the email
21:35 Lyude: mooch: get me the things you want docs on
21:35 mooch: nv1, riva 128, and riva tnt
21:35 Lyude: no like-specific engines, that sort of thing
21:36 mooch: oh
21:36 mooch: mostly pfifo and pgraph tbh
21:36 Lyude: alright, I'll see what I can do
21:36 mooch: though for nv1, i need docs on the display engine more than anything
21:36 mooch: thanks!
23:29 mooch2: hey, Lyude, any word yet?