07:28 poulecaca: So I have a random crash with nouveau on a quadro 400, what debug can I activate to help fix that ? It looks similar to https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=100567
13:50 Tazy: just theoretically, how would nouveau handle a fake nvidia gpu? [those reflashed GTX450's]
21:16 cosurgi: imirkin: it crashed again. The xserver with -O0 -g
21:17 cosurgi: The problem is that VT is stuck. So I have everything in gdb. But I cannot work, while debugging. Fortunately I am about to go to sleep, so I can leave gdb until morning. Maybe we will get in touch.
21:54 cosurgi: imirkin: I've sent you email. I will check IRC first thing in the morning, then keep checking until I will have to start working.
21:55 cosurgi: so that would be about 9 to 11 hours from now.
21:55 cosurgi: then I will have to terminate gdb :(
21:56 cosurgi: (fortunately the calculations are running in the background, inside screen :)
21:58 cosurgi: skeggsb: are you there?
21:59 cosurgi: imirkin just replied to my email, saying that you migh know more about a bug somewhere in nouveau's cpu page maps, which he thinks is what I'm seeing.
22:27 cosurgi: ok. I need to sleep now. I will check in the morning. See you.