02:06 pabs3: karolherbst: any thoughts on my latest hang with Linux 5.2.9-2? https://paste.debian.net/1099988/
07:55 karolherbst: pabs3: something crashed your hardware context
07:56 karolherbst: but that timeout is weird
15:20 mwk: hey, anyone seen mooch lately? she asked me a question some time ago and dropped from IRC before I managed to respond
15:21 HdkR: I can ping them
15:22 HdkR: Knowing timezones on a Thursday, could be quite a few hours until they respond
15:35 Vanfanel: Do you know if X11 dev headers are still needed to build Nvidias LIBGLVND?
15:35 Vanfanel: I was almost sure it was possible to build it without any X11 dependencies already, by configuring with --disable-glx
21:02 RSpliet: mwk: there's a mooch3 in the chan as we speak!
21:06 kherbst: uff... my runpm workaround patches seem to cause some big issue: "rmmod nouveau" crashes my system :(
21:06 kherbst: or was that always a problem with runpm?
22:00 tagr: kherbst: I do get some weird behavior when unloading nouveau as well, fwiw
22:01 tagr: no crashes, though, but lots of warnings
22:02 tagr: though that's with a couple of fixes already, it does indeed crash for me because pci_disable() is called on the Tegra GPU currently =)
22:03 tagr: kherbst: I figured out those IBUS errors, by the way, those are caused by gp10b using gp102_grctx and gp102_gr_zbc, whereas it really needs to be using the gp100 variants
22:03 tagr: gp102 apparently added some registers that don't exist on gp100 and gp10b
22:04 tagr: good news is I think I've finally fixed all outstanding issues to make things work on gm20b and gp10b (I guess I should test gk20a as well, just to make sure)
22:05 tagr: I've also got a rebased version of my syncfd patches that allow the fancy atomic commit stuff between Nouveau and Tegra DRM
22:05 tagr: implicit synchronization via DMA fences, that is
22:06 tagr: that requires new ABI, though, unfortunately
22:06 tagr: I'll go and update my public userspace branches for that, and with any luck I should be able to send out all those patches tomorrow
22:07 tagr: well, today I guess
22:07 tagr: time to get some sleep
23:26 kherbst: tagr: mhh, normally unloading nouveau works fine for me
23:26 kherbst: tagr: ahh, so gp10b is closer to gp100 than gp102.. good to know