04:23 nova99: Hi, I am moving my desktop over to linux and I installed trisquel + KDE on it. It has an nvidia GTX 970. The UI performance is really bad however, it is very sluggish. I think it has to do with software rendering being used for the UI.
04:24 HdkR: Or because the clocks of the GPU never raise past idle
04:24 nova99: Is there anything I could do about this say updating the nouveau drivers/ the kernel apart from just outright installing proprietary drivers?
04:25 HdkR: It's a problem of Nvidia not releasing the necessary blobs
04:27 nova99: So, no option other than installing proprietary drivers then.
04:27 HdkR: Or switching to a different GPU vendor
04:28 nova99: How much better is AMD in this regard?
04:28 HdkR: Power Management is mostly find there
04:28 HdkR: Vega can have some random hangs but it still clocks up
04:30 nova99: and apart from that? For daily use and for gaming?
04:31 HdkR: Performance is typically on par with the proprietary driver, so it works pretty well.
04:31 nova99: That's great to know
09:49 dirbaio: Hey
09:49 dirbaio: I'm having issues building https://github.com/skeggsb/nouveau master
09:49 dirbaio: against what linux version is it supposed to build?
09:49 imirkin: whichever one ben happens to have last built it against
09:49 dirbaio: I'm on linux 5.2 but am getting some errors
09:49 imirkin: it's not a good tree to use for people who aren't ben
09:49 dirbaio: branch linux-5.2 does build fine
09:50 dirbaio: haha.. OK
09:50 imirkin: in general it's whatever's in drm-next
09:50 imirkin: but ... not always
09:51 imirkin: sometimes it's whatever WAS in drm-next :)
09:51 imirkin: i believe the contents of that tree are in drm-next btw ... at least a pull request was sent
09:52 imirkin: https://cgit.freedesktop.org/drm/drm/log/
10:06 pmoreau: dirbaio: Look in the commit messages for the most recent one named “drm-fixes $commit_hash” or “drm-next $commit_hash”, for example: https://github.com/skeggsb/nouveau/commit/f21b55f465caafc2ca6b8e5d7d904f9d7f41b36e That should give you the branch and commit to build against.
10:07 dirbaio: Ooooh, that's it
10:07 dirbaio: thank you!!
10:07 imirkin: but like i said, all of that is in drm-next currently
10:08 imirkin: generally i'll just cherry-pick nouveau commits onto a stable base
10:08 imirkin: so that i don't have to contend with the whole kernel being broken, only nouveau
10:16 pmoreau: True, going with the latest drm-next works fine 99.99% of the time.