06:53 danvet: I'm looking for a tester for [PATCH 2/3] drm/nouveau: slowpath for pushbuf ioctl on dri-devel
06:53 danvet: ideally with lockdep and patch 1 in that series
06:56 danvet: https://patchwork.freedesktop.org/series/65577/#rev3
07:10 skeggsb: danvet: i'll attempt to test it tomorrow on an nv4x or something, only just rebuilt my devel machine today, it died on me earlier in the week
07:11 skeggsb: unless someone beats me to it overnight (that would be very nice, hint hint)
07:12 danvet: skeggsb, that ioctl is for pre-nv50 only?
07:13 danvet: and yeah I think I'll ping karol too, much appreciated
07:13 skeggsb: danvet: no, but relocs can't/don't happen for nv50-onwards, the gpu mmu is used instead to keep addresses constant
08:11 danvet: skeggsb, ah makes sense