11:24 lebosini: the old methods do not work alot in my case, i've been communicating with my parents having discussions about this that i have sources of conflicts, and my near 60year old parents both love me more than anything in the world, they both do not repeat the mistakes they may had done in the past.
11:37 lebosini: in VLIW case i do not know the common standard to calculate the queue sizes for CPUs, for gpus i pointed the calcs out allready though
11:38 lebosini: but this is fairly known that software pipelining works very beautifully exactly on VLIW but for other cpu types too
12:05 lebosini: I am not aware about rules of thumb to extract/derive the width of queues on main processors.
12:06 lebosini: but clearly on on vliw that is at least the length of the bundle
12:07 lebosini: i.e the instruction world length, it is at least 32 for elbrus, but they have more queues there, yeah definitely this processor would work great of getting alittle treatment in the kernels scheduler
13:08 lebosini: For me though i am pretty old (36 now) talking about tech comes naturaly, i naturally like to talk about it. I do not feel very heavy when doing it
13:10 lebosini: it is better use of time than say fighting eachother using verbal abuse , i do not know about others -- is it so difficult to think about easy things and talk amd memo and recap stuff rather then talking the irrelevant
13:10 lebosini: and claiming that i do that
13:19 lebosini: I dunno how to say, i am good in comfort zone, sometimes failing under pressure, but still during some difficulties faces i have known to deliver my only positive sides sometimes
13:20 lebosini: faced
13:20 lebosini: most of the time it seems i gather only negativism or commit negative things, but sometimes i am also able to do positive stuff
13:22 lebosini: it is all because the strategy in human psychology is difficult concept to me, i am not very skilled in understanding all kinds of formations there
13:27 lebosini: the things in legal world roughly work so: you put in very pedantic manner a lot of effort on not only technology but anything that matters, physical health, learning training, until you are able to break the barrier, and start to do it naturally without much difficulties
13:27 lebosini: anymore present, i messed up and scored a lot of minuses, so basically i am a bit out of the line
13:29 lebosini: it is very hard to go on correct line when some or more close people want to influence in a bad way or bring out the worst of you, i failed due to having not enough internal strenght to keep doing what is right
13:33 lebosini: some mistakes are looking to be small for careless people, but they matter so much sometimes at higher standards, so me definitely out, i was not pedantic enough to compete and put my body on correct gear
14:13 lebosini: yeah i can do some programming and am capable of probably earning some small sums to live silently , I do the programming but i am out from bigger communication and big game anyways.
19:01 mrsinisalu: btw. has anyone got some question about the implementation of the hw RTL?
19:02 mrsinisalu: whatever some gpu hardware feature at interest!