11:53 Caroga: Hi all!
11:54 Caroga: I've been figuring out if I could use nouveau with external monitors (HDMI and/or DP) on my Ubuntu 18.04 / 19.04 laptop. I have not been successful so far and would appreciate any help.
12:08 gnarface: caroga: did you try xrandr?
12:24 caroga: gnarface: I've been looking into it, for example with the following topic: https://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/slackware-14/external-displays-with-nvidia-optimus-4175587145/
12:24 caroga: But I don't really understand what's happening and where I should place it.
12:26 gnarface: caroga: heh, it would be better to read the xrandr manpage
12:27 gnarface: and you can just run "xrandr" without any options to see the current connections and settings
12:28 gnarface: caroga: you don't need that script at all, and if you're not a programmer then it will massively overcomplicate this for you
12:28 caroga: I'm a developer, I have just never used xrandr configurations before
12:29 caroga: imma relog for a moment, brb
12:29 Caroga: back
12:30 gnarface: you can put the settings in your xorg.conf too, it's just easier to test stuff by running it on the command-line
12:31 gnarface: but you only basically need a one-line call to xrandr
12:31 gnarface: you pass it the flags in a specific order
12:31 gnarface: you can repeat sets of them to define multiple displays
12:32 gnarface: setting them on or off, or auto, and defining specific properties like resolution and refresh rate (some stuff fails auto)
12:32 Caroga: xrandr currently only outputs eDP1 which is my onboard screen.
12:32 Caroga: Is this because I have to define a screen myself ?
12:32 gnarface: is it a dual-gpu laptop?
12:32 Caroga: yes it is.
12:32 gnarface: it might just be because that's the intel one
12:32 Caroga: Nvidia and Intel
12:33 gnarface: the hdmi might have to go through the nvidia card
12:33 Caroga: I've currently installed the nvidia drivers and selected intel als prime
12:33 Caroga: I was afraid of that.
12:33 gnarface: if you have the nvidia official drivers, you should be using nvidia-settings
12:33 gnarface: if you're using nouveau, xorg.conf and xrandr should work just fine
12:34 gnarface: but, you have to select the nvidia gpu somehow...
12:34 Caroga: Would hdmi output work, without nvidia drivers even though it's wired to the card?
12:34 gnarface: i don't know
12:35 gnarface: the featurematrix might say https://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/FeatureMatrix/
12:36 Caroga: Mine is NV130
12:37 Caroga: If I read this correct, Dual head would mean multiple monitor output right ?
12:37 gnarface: i guess?
12:38 gnarface: yea, i think so
12:41 Caroga: yeah I just rebooted after doing prime-select nvidia and my laptop crashes hard -.-'
12:48 gnarface: i think you have to blacklist nouveau if you're using the nvidia drivers
12:55 Caroga: From what I understand the nvidia installation already does that, but I will take a look into it. I preferrable do not want the nvidia drivers but it seems that xrandr cant get through it without nvidia drivers
12:56 gnarface: i'm not sure there aren't other options
12:56 gnarface: did you look into DRI_PRIME with nouveau?
12:57 gnarface: for the nvidia drivers you probably also need bumblebee
13:00 Caroga: I thought bumblebee was discontinued ?
13:02 gnarface: it is
13:02 gnarface: but you're stuck with it
13:02 gnarface: as far as i know
13:02 Caroga: yeah, figured
13:02 gnarface: maybe nvidia has fixed this finally, i wouldn't know
13:02 Caroga: Gonna purge nvidia drivers now, see if I can get it working with xrandr only
13:06 gnarface: well i think you will also need DRI_PRIME, assuming it works
13:06 gnarface: i guess you'd startx with it in the environment variables? hmmm. honestly i don't know if it will work that way.
13:06 gnarface: you'll have to try it out.
13:08 Caroga: I will, will read on it
13:09 Caroga: It's a bummer that after all these years, it's still a huge pain in the butt to get this working correctly without all this trouble :)
13:10 Caroga: Like, nvidia and intel could work a bit together for the linux community.
13:34 Caroga: gnarface: it appears that without nvidia drivers and blacklisting nouveau gets me what I wanted. :)
13:35 gnarface: interesting
13:35 gnarface: does that mean the intel gpu takes over the HDMI port if no driver loads on the nvidia gpu?
13:36 Caroga: hmm... don't know, I think I might made a mistake
13:36 Caroga: not sure yet
13:38 Caroga: yeah made a mistake. booted into the wrong installation...
19:11 imirkin: Caroga: did you work out your issues?
19:12 Caroga: imirkin: No I did not. I've messed up my system many times in the process so many reinstalls have been done as well :)
19:13 imirkin: if you're trying to use screens on a remote gpu, have to tell it to use that provider
19:13 Caroga: when I run xrandr --listproviders I only get one.
19:13 imirkin: pastebin xorg log
19:16 Caroga: erm yeah, what log ? sorry :P)
19:16 imirkin: the log produced by X
19:16 imirkin: on reasonable systems, it's in /var/log/Xorg.0.log
19:17 imirkin: on unreasonable systems (e.g. systemd), i have no clue
19:19 Caroga: imirkin: https://pastebin.com/pJB0qjst
19:20 imirkin: ok yeah you're in serious trouble
19:20 imirkin: get rid of "nomodeset"
19:20 imirkin: that just disables all graphics
19:20 Caroga: I have not put that in grub ?
19:20 imirkin: someone did
19:21 imirkin: [ 34.042] Kernel command line: BOOT_IMAGE=/vmlinuz-4.18.0-25-generic root=/dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-root ro nomodeset quiet splash
19:21 Caroga: :S
19:21 Caroga: that cant be, I removed that
19:21 imirkin: uh huh
19:21 imirkin: cat /proc/cmdline
19:22 Caroga: Yeah, it's not there
19:22 imirkin: then that's not the right log
19:22 imirkin: [ 34.042] (==) Log file: "/var/log/Xorg.0.log", Time: Sun Jul 21 15:52:48 2019
19:22 Caroga: Yeah, I have two files: 0.log and 1.log
19:22 imirkin: those would be for different screens
19:23 imirkin: er, displays
19:23 imirkin: like :0 and :1
19:23 Caroga: Ill empty them and reboot
19:23 imirkin: it's not a log rotation thing
19:23 imirkin: i may have to step out for a bit - if i'm not responsive ... i'll be back
19:24 imirkin: another thing that can screw things up is if you have AutoAddGPU = false in your xorg config. Another thing is if you have an explicit Device entry - don't.
19:24 Caroga: thanks imirkin
19:24 imirkin: otoh that log makes it look like you don't have much in terms of an xorg config, which is good.
19:24 Caroga: It's a freshly installed system and I have blacklisted nouveau for now
19:25 imirkin: oh. if you're trying to make things work with nvidia, this isn't the right place for that.
19:25 imirkin: good luck!
19:25 Caroga: I know, I wish to have things working with nouveau but because I wasn't succeeding I had to blacklist it
19:26 imirkin: oh - and in the future - buy amd :)
19:26 imirkin: ok. well if you need help with nouveau, this is the right place. if you need help with the blob driver, this isn't.
19:29 Caroga: Yeah I want to get my laptop working with nouveau, but I have been unable to get it to work properly without overheating and the fans running continously.
19:31 Caroga: imirkin: Im afk for a bit, ill be back later
19:58 gnarface: Caroga: if you're running Xorg as a user (instead of with the suid to root wrapper, or as root) the log would be in ~/.local/share/xorg/
19:59 gnarface: maybe that goes for systemd distros too, but i don't know for sure
19:59 gnarface: systemd might do something else entirely with the log for all i know
20:09 Caroga: I am actually giving up on this for today... I've spent my entire free weekend to this
20:10 Caroga: Spent way too much time on this and it came up empty handed
20:22 gnarface: i don't blame you
20:23 gnarface: i'd be tempted to set it up with just the intel gpu if that was working
20:23 gnarface: it might be faster than nouveau anyway
20:23 gnarface: (due to recent performance fixes in the intel gpu drivers)
20:23 gnarface: (and Mesa)
20:24 gnarface: should drain the battery slower that way too
21:10 Caroga: I have given in, and have disabled Nvidia for now and am using the Intel drivers. I don't see how I could get this setup to work with nouveau, even though it should be something really simple, I just don't get it.
21:12 Caroga: I'm going offline now, need to sleep a bit before rushing into work tomorrow :D
21:12 Caroga: thanks for all the help so far gnarface, imirkin :)
22:16 karolherbst: ohh btw, do we actually have an official logo? I am kind of wondering if we have the svg file to the work in progress stuff or was that actually finished?
22:16 karolherbst: it's infinitly impossible to find something :D
22:55 gnarface: i don't think i've ever seen a logo
22:55 gnarface: that would be cool
22:55 gnarface: you should have fire and racing stripes on it
23:18 karolherbst: gnarface: https://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/nouveau/2014-November/019164.html
23:20 gnarface: hmmm, very professional looking
23:22 gnarface: i'm no graphic designer, i can't give any serious advice about it
23:34 gnarface: brb kernel update