03:22 imirkin: skeggsb: any objections to a patch to fix the SPDX license header everywhere?
14:05 imirkin: skeggsb: fyi, this is my latest tree -- https://github.com/imirkin/linux/commits/hdr
14:06 imirkin: that "clear xlut harder" is just your patch
14:06 imirkin: i still need to do some testing
14:48 imirkin: next on the todo list is supporting > 8bpc over hdmi, and ideally yuv420
14:51 imirkin: although it's not immediately apparent how to do yuv420 ... will require some traces =/
14:56 imirkin: skeggsb: btw, i noticed you didn't hook up the SCDC thing in sortu102.c
14:56 imirkin: lack of hw to test with, or did you write it before i had implemented it?
14:59 imirkin: skeggsb: either the get_tmds_link_bandwidth should be fixed to recognize that TU* doesn't have it, or just hook it up in sortu102.c
22:26 fidtar: Are piglit test results still needed?
22:30 speaker931: Hey, having an issue with my screen. Seems to get triggered after every power-save cycle. I would boot up, it would be fine then I'd go afk and it'd go in power-save mode and I'd come back to it being completely offset. FWIW, this didn't happen when I was using NVIDIA's proprietary drivers.
22:32 speaker931: I'm thinking this might be an issue with how nouveau is configured with Xorg but I'm really not sure and to be honest I'm no expert on the topic so I'd really appreciate if somebody could point me in the right direction.
22:49 imirkin: fidtar: not unless you have something unusual to report
22:49 imirkin: speaker931: which GPU?
22:56 fidtar: alright. new to graphics hardware and would like to make myself useful. also have a bunch of nvidia gpus to donate.
22:56 imirkin: the most precious commodity is developer time
22:57 speaker931: GTX750, sorry for the wait :P
22:57 imirkin: speaker931: what do you mean by 'completely offset'?
23:00 speaker931: the display is not bordered correctly around the screen, shifted to the right of left. Some parts of the screen aren't visible due to this.
23:00 speaker931: right or left*
23:00 imirkin: how is the display connected, and shifted how far? (fwiw i've NEVER heard of anything like this, congratulations)
23:02 speaker931: connected through VGA to HDMI(gpu) shifted I'd say about 80px to the right and 15px up
23:02 imirkin: VGA to HDMI is not a thing
23:02 imirkin: so it's an HDMI port on the gpu?
23:02 imirkin: and then you have some weirdo active adapter to convert HDMI -> VGA?
23:03 speaker931: sorry, DVI
23:03 imirkin: ah, ok. that *is* a thing. what's the resolution? (or, more to the point, pixclk)?
23:04 speaker931: 1920x1200
23:04 imirkin: ok, that should all fit within a single-lane dvi thing
23:04 imirkin: er, single-link
23:05 imirkin: what happens if you unplug/re-plug after this happens? all fixed i presume?
23:05 speaker931: no it stays the same weirdly enough
23:06 imirkin: even if you disconnect the cable and reconnect it?
23:06 speaker931: yeah
23:06 imirkin: so some bit of config gets stuck somewhere.
23:06 imirkin: i'm not aware of a "shift screen 80px over and 15px up" bit of config though.
23:07 speaker931: fwiw, the auto-adjust feature of the monitor seems to change how it's shifted but it doesn't fix it
23:08 imirkin: to confirm -- this is digital DVI, not analog, right?
23:11 speaker931: it's DVI-I from what I can see from the GPU's connection port
23:11 imirkin: oh, so it's DVI-I on the gpu, and hdmi on the monitor?
23:11 speaker931: the monitor's VGA
23:12 imirkin: so what was this talk of HDMI earlier?
23:12 speaker931: i'm dumb lol sorry
23:12 imirkin: just so we're all talking about the same thing...
23:12 imirkin: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VGA_connector
23:12 imirkin: is this the port on the monitor?
23:13 speaker931: yea
23:13 imirkin: and then you have a DVI <-> VGA dumb adapter attached to the DVI-I port on the gpu, right?
23:13 imirkin: and a VGA cable between that and the monitor?
23:15 imirkin: so given that it's vga, i have a much easier time believing what you're seeing
23:15 imirkin: unfortunately i don't think there's been a ton of testing for a maxwell generation gpu + vga monitor
23:16 speaker931: i see, i thought changing things in the configurations might do the trick but i guess it's more of a bug
23:17 imirkin: on the bright side, i have a monitor with a vga input i can test with
23:17 imirkin: let me see if the gpu i have plugged in will run into the same issues or not ... i forget when the display hw changes around
23:19 imirkin: hm ok, not a ton of changes to the DAC stuff. not surprising...
23:19 imirkin: perhaps we missed something?
23:22 speaker931: just tried using a DVI <-> DVI but it didn't detect anything and entered into power-save
23:23 imirkin: the monitor has a DVI input as well?
23:23 speaker931: yeah
23:23 imirkin: definitely should use that if it works :)
23:23 speaker931: two actually
23:23 imirkin: usually there's an input switch button to change inputs
23:23 speaker931: ahhh
23:23 imirkin: digital will look better too
23:23 speaker931: ill see if i can find it
23:25 speaker931: i did change the input source to DVI with the front buttons though, if that's what you meant
23:25 imirkin: yes, that's what i meant
23:26 speaker931: yea still didn't detect it
23:26 speaker931: i might have to restart
23:26 speaker931: maybe then it'll detect it
23:26 imirkin: what does the computer show?
23:26 speaker931: nothing, the screen goes into power-save as if it doesn't detect anything
23:27 imirkin: right, but what does it say on the comp? or you can't tell because you aren't ssh'd into it via another comp?
23:28 speaker931: im not ssh'd but ill go ahead and do that gimme a sec
23:32 speaker931: alright
23:33 speaker931: ill brb on the other device
23:34 imirkin: ok, so if you do like DISPLAY=:0 xrandr -- can you pastebin the results of that?
23:39 speaker931: https://pastebin.com/XRuGhZeZ
23:39 imirkin: heh.
23:39 imirkin: seems fine :)
23:40 imirkin: and you're sure you switched the input to the right thing? you said you had 2 dvi inputs on there... probably have to pick the right one
23:40 speaker931: yeah i chose DVI-1 and I'm on this one
23:42 speaker931: when i plug and unplug it detects it but goes into power-save mode
23:42 imirkin: there's something weird going on =/
23:43 imirkin: i can promise you that DVI normally works -- i use it all the time :)
23:43 speaker931: maybe my screen is just fucked lol
23:44 speaker931: ill try restarting
23:45 speaker931: (i connecting to irc via ssh lol oops)
23:47 speaker931: good news. it works perfectly now that I rebooted. everything's in order!
23:48 speaker931: DVI <-> DVI seems to have done the trick :)
23:48 imirkin: yay
23:48 imirkin: and things should look crisper too, usually
23:49 speaker931: actually yeah i see a big difference lol overall quality seems much higher
23:49 speaker931: thank you so much!
23:50 imirkin: enjoy :)