01:47 fling: How do I fix this? -> mpv[29013]: segfault at 38 ip 00007efd90aa4fef sp 00007fff10c989c0 error 4 in nouveau_drv_video.so[7efd9095b000+2df000]
01:53 imirkin: fling: are you using vo = gl or vo = vdpau?
01:53 imirkin: AndrewR: i suppose so? mpeg is basically a bunch of 8x8 JPEG's ... kinda
01:54 imirkin: why do you care about mjpeg out of curiousity?
01:54 gnarface: netscape 4 compatibility :)
01:54 imirkin: chances are it'll be faster to decode on cpu -- that was my experience with mpeg
01:54 fling: imirkin: not specifying it explicitly
01:55 imirkin: basically the vld in mesa is sufficiently crap that it cancels out any gains from accel
01:55 imirkin: fling: pastebin the output of mpv?
01:55 imirkin: (mpeg was kind of a win with XvMC, but everyone hates that for some dumb reason)
01:56 fling: imirkin: works fine with --vo=gl
01:56 imirkin: ok. well it shouldn't :)
01:56 imirkin: using vdpau for decode + gl for display = recipe for disaster with nouveau
01:56 imirkin: s/vdpau/vaapi/ -- same thing btw
01:57 imirkin: (perhaps you're not using accelerated hwdec?)
01:57 fling: imirkin: should I disable vdpau and vaapi on the box with nouveau?
01:57 imirkin: (but then why would it be looking at nouveau_drv_video.so...)
01:57 fling: idk :D
01:57 imirkin: which GPU do you have?
01:57 fling: I used asd gpu and now reconnected the cable to nouveau to get more fps from mpv
01:57 imirkin: (lspci -nn -d 10de: )
01:58 fling: ASPEED Technology, Inc. ASPEED Graphics Family (rev 10) and NVIDIA Corporation GK104 [GeForce GTX 760] (rev a1)
01:58 imirkin: hm, well video decoding should work ok there
01:58 imirkin: subject to the usual caveats
02:00 fling: imirkin: what to rebuild? :P
02:00 imirkin: the universe... preferably without nvidia in it next time =/
02:00 imirkin: well, tbh, i haven't really kept up with all this stuff
02:00 imirkin: i've always used mplayer, and it's mostly worked ok
02:01 fling: What is so wrong about nvidia? No documentation on the significant parts?
02:01 imirkin: no vendor support for open-source
02:04 imirkin: you can have a look at how i've run vdpau on the VideoAcceleration wiki page
02:04 imirkin: (scroll to the bottom)
02:05 fling: I forgot to tell you something
02:05 fling: The screen is d-sub only which is why I've not used it with nouveau
02:05 imirkin: why would that matter?
02:06 fling: as gk104 has no ramdac and no d-sub output
02:06 imirkin: that's ... not true
02:06 imirkin: i'd be surprised if yours didn't have even one DVI-I output
02:06 imirkin: and DVI-I is a combination of DVI-D and VGA, sharing a single connector
02:07 fling: Maybe I missed DVI-I or DVI-A there.
02:07 imirkin: probably true that not a lot of GK104's manufactured that had a 15-pin d-sub port, but they _definitely_ support regular VGA
02:08 fling: Anyway I bought a $3 hdmi <-> d-sub converter and connected this old screen to hdmi :>
02:08 imirkin: you can check with nouveau... ls -d /sys/class/drm/card*-*
02:08 imirkin: see what outputs it lists... if any are DVI-I, then you can just use a very simple adapter
02:11 fling: imirkin: and then I god HDMI-A-1: EDID is invalid: https://bpaste.net/show/a92dbbd59022
02:11 imirkin: yeah, not surprising with an active hdmi <-> dsub adapter
02:11 imirkin: pastebin the output of the command above
02:12 fling: card0-VGA-1 card1-DP-1 card1-DVI-I-1 card1-HDMI-A-1
02:12 fling: ^ card0 is ast
02:12 imirkin: the DVI port on your board is DVI-I -- if you have a DVI <-> 15-pin dsub adapter on hand, you can just use that
02:13 fling: Thanks for the great idea, I will look for the adapter!
02:13 imirkin: they used to get handed out like candy a while back
02:13 imirkin: like you buy an ethernet cable, and you get one of those with it :)
02:13 fling: You are right the dvi connector looks like it has a lot of pins…
02:18 fling: imirkin: connected with an adapter it works now!
02:18 imirkin: yay!
02:18 fling: The picture quality is much better and no delay
02:18 fling: imirkin: thanks!
02:18 imirkin: np
02:18 fling: And mpv is not crashing anymore.
02:18 imirkin: tbh, that's surprising
02:19 imirkin: only thing that could be different is the refresh rate / vsync situation
02:20 fling: Whoops, started crashing when I played third video.
02:20 fling: whithout specifying --vo=gl
02:20 imirkin: can you pastebin the output of mpv?
02:20 fling: Now it crashes on all the videos with and without vo=gl :<
02:20 imirkin: ok, that's consistent at least! :)
02:21 imirkin: how about mpv --hwdec=no
02:29 fling: imirkin: https://bpaste.net/show/04f35313fdcd
02:30 fling: imirkin: not segfaulting with xvid
02:30 fling: imirkin: also not segfaulting with h264 and --hwdec=no
02:44 fling: imirkin: does it need a firmware for vdpau to work?
02:44 imirkin: yeah
02:44 imirkin: check the VideoAcceleration page
02:44 fling: what about vaapi?
02:44 imirkin: those are just api's exposing functionality
02:45 imirkin: video decoding accel is what needs the firmware
02:45 fling: So if I don't have the firmware I can't use hwdec right?
02:45 imirkin: correct
02:45 imirkin: but vaapi/vdpau *do* still expose presentation bits which are usable
02:45 imirkin: perhaps that's not helping things
02:45 fling: Is it safe to just disable vdpau and vaapi everywhere? :P
02:45 imirkin: yes
02:46 fling: vdpau with opengl backend is stupid, right?
02:46 imirkin: not necessarily
02:46 imirkin: in fact, i believe that's the default on things like mpv
02:47 fling: But without hwdec working on nouveau there is no use for vdpau/vaapi in any apps?
02:50 fling: Why don't I see a segfault with --hwdec=vdpau and with --hwdec=vaapi when playing an xvid in mpv? hmm hmmmm
02:53 imirkin: no clue
02:56 fling: Then I will keep hwdec=no for now.
02:56 fling: imirkin: thanks! :D
07:31 AndrewR: imirkin, sorry, was sleeping. Recently Cinelerra-GG (NLE) gained support for vaapi/vdpau decoding and vaapi encoding ..so, having few streams played at the same time (tracks, monitors) not as uncommon as it was with just players.
07:32 AndrewR: imirkin, https://lists.cinelerra-gg.org/pipermail/cin/2019-May/thread.html (not very big list archive)
07:34 AndrewR: imirkin, as far as I understand mesa and ffmpeg can't be mixed freely (mit vs gpl?), but then having something simple for (regression) testing will not hurt?
08:02 AndrewR: imirkin, https://github.com/CESNET/GPUJPEG (CUDA, but in theory it can be implemented at least on same hw with different programming interface ...). Well, even just IDCT stage....
08:31 AndrewR: https://github.com/negge/jpeg_gpu/commits/master - I think I tested this on my openGL 3.3 card and it worked ....
08:51 AndrewR: imirkin, just retested this jpeg_gpu program - it decodes 2048x1536 jpeg photo at 11 fps for cpufreq 1.4 Ghz, and at 27 fps if I let cpu freq rise up to 3.4-3.8 Ghz