00:24 kubast2: Taking piglet test: GM107 gt 940mx NV117 ; kernel 5.0.10(stock not the nouveau kernel); mesa 19.0.3 ;
02:21 rhyskidd: karolherbst: i'll try to test your runpm series on my gp107 in the next seven days
11:54 karolherbst: rhyskidd: cool :)
21:21 pqatsi: Hello Folks! I have a GP108M that usually had issues at least at f28 time when using primusrun and energy management
21:21 pqatsi: Now with F30, i got this issue when tried to run primusrun glxinfo: https://paste.fedoraproject.org/paste/TBETH4najNo~OkMdZySu7w
21:21 pqatsi: The primus response on terminal is primus: fatal: Bumblebee daemon reported: error: [XORG] (EE) NOUVEAU(0): Failed to initialise context object: 2D_NVC0 (0)
21:22 pqatsi: This chip still having issues with nouveau?
21:25 gnarface: pqatsi: i don't know for sure but that looks to me like it could be a bumblebee issue
21:27 gnarface: there is a compatibility chart on the website though you can check
21:28 gnarface: if it's not a known issue on there, it could be something optimus hardware related
21:28 HdkR: MX150 has known issues, no idea if documented :)
21:28 kubast2: So I tried doing piglit test yesterday with 5.0.10 kernel ; 19.0.3 mesa; on gtx 940mx/gm107 with dri_prime=1 and the x.org/system froze during/after test 6980
21:29 kubast2: completely unresponsive
21:29 kubast2: no tty etc.
21:31 kubast2: In general it sat for a very long time in 6980, but the dmesg error wasn't nouveau related but I think it was linux task scheduler related, the pc freezes couple of hours after the test 6980 fails
21:32 gnarface: tried magic sysrq ?
21:33 kubast2: I remember that I tried enabling magic sysrq
21:33 kubast2: but it never reacted
21:33 kubast2: I tried alt+printscrn/sysrq key
21:33 kubast2: alt+shift+printscrn/sysrq
21:33 kubast2: and the reisub
21:33 kubast2: thingy once
21:33 kubast2: it never worked for me
21:34 gnarface: brutal
21:34 kubast2: kernel.sysrq=1 ; I think it was
21:34 kubast2: the cmdline for kernel
21:35 kubast2: CONFIG_MAGIC_SYSRQ=y
21:42 kubast2: gonna check alt+sysrq+r rn
21:42 kubast2: typing
21:43 kubast2: rn I have modmask 16 though set by default in my distro
21:44 kubast2: alt+shift+printscreen+r just asks me to refresh the page
21:48 kubast2: You may need to press Ctrl along with Alt.; On laptops that use Fn key to differentiate SysRq from PrtScrn; gnarface
21:48 kubast2: ah
21:48 kubast2: maybe that's why
21:49 gnarface: hmm, mabye?
21:53 kubast2: magic+k also seems intresting as it would allow me to change ttys freerly
21:54 kubast2: I have run htop alongside the piglit back then because I thought I'm running out of ram but yeah not really
21:55 kubast2: I took a look at dmesg from journalctl
21:55 kubast2: very different story I see
21:56 kubast2: tons of nouveau traces
21:56 kubast2: instead of one before the freeze
21:58 kubast2: how do I export journalctl to a file
21:58 kubast2: IK that journalctl log files are more looking like binary/aren't human readable from file
21:58 kubast2: iirc
21:58 kubast2: so I can't just probe the right location
21:59 gnarface: i don't know anything about it, sorry
22:00 gnarface: i'm still using text files
22:00 kubast2: ah I just redirect it
22:00 kubast2: felt counter intuitive to do it when IK it would show a less like prompt
22:00 kubast2: without a redirection
22:02 kubast2: https://gist.github.com/kubast2/68c2448808b6ad0b42defc80aaefe55a
22:03 kubast2: maj 05 10:21:04 archlinux kernel: RIP: 0010:nouveau_bo_move_ntfy+0xa9/0xd0 [nouveau] It starts right here tbf I might cut it down
22:04 kubast2: maybe slightly earlier
22:04 kubast2: from that point onwords it is over 2000 lines of dmesg trace of nouveau
22:16 kubast2: I remember that couple of months ago I had issues with a lack of temperature reading from lm-sensors and someone resolved the issue with me by patching/testing a patch
22:17 kubast2: just a question was that patch an anomaly on my hardware alone or was it put into the nouveau kernel I haven't tracked it
22:18 kubast2: gnarface: tbf I played some game rn besides some textures looking slightly funky(idk half transparency?) it actually works a whole lot better on maxwell now I'm genuenly impressed
22:18 gnarface: hmm. cool
22:18 kubast2: like some stuff doesn't work well on intel mesa either so I kinda skimp over those
22:20 kubast2: I might actually use it as daily, the nvidia-418 has issues on my distro and bumblebee no longer works with steam games
22:23 kubast2: I'm actually wrong they look the same on intel mesa
22:26 gnarface: that might be because of mesa then but you're sure you're not actually using the intel one, right?
22:41 kubast2: I'm sure the
22:41 kubast2: I changed the pstate and monitor the frequency
22:42 kubast2: https://i.imgur.com/TT5idrf.png https://i.imgur.com/SrQji5P.png first one is intel 2nd one is nouveau
22:42 kubast2: I thought I sent it
22:42 kubast2: DRI_PRIME=1 %command%
22:43 kubast2: I kinda wanna test out a big longer on pstate 0f but I have no temperature reading but I guess 784 mhz shouldn't be too bad versus stocks 850
22:44 kubast2: then again I hit 91*C
22:44 kubast2: on stock
22:44 gnarface: that does sound high
22:44 gnarface: the fan may not be following the pstates
22:45 kubast2: that's on nvidia-390
22:45 kubast2: that's why I'm sorta in fear of running it on 784mhz on nouveau without temp tracking
22:46 kubast2: okay I see I bumped up the settings now I can see it differs from intel mesa
22:54 kubast2: the only thing that looks out of place is the shadow quality setting
22:57 kubast2: okay so this happens even on intel mesa what
22:59 gnarface: well it's the same mesa still
23:04 kubast2: gnarface: Yeah I looked up the windows/ign gameplay it actually was meant to look this way
23:05 gnarface: ah, noted
23:07 kubast2: https://i.imgur.com/UicxbIq.jpg The patches of grass really throwed me off; it is also that on lower shadow quality the dark alley is actually a very well lighten alley
23:12 kubast2: https://i.imgur.com/rTqsSIM.jpg https://i.imgur.com/zrKXokF.png I somehow thought the first image(low quality) is how it is supposed to look like ; It is also a proton/steam play so some glitches are expected; The only thing that differs much in mesa vs windows is the texture color and boubles effect on pics I just sent are the boobles effect and the texture color for that patch of mud https://i.imgur.com/sLUNUkZ.jpg
23:13 kubast2: I tried bumping up all effects because admititly this is what that windows pic(not mine) is
23:17 kubast2: but yeah the depth of field effect is kinda broken, but at least the geometry no longer is broken