03:07 pabs3: anyone know what these firmware errors refer to? https://paste.debian.net/plain/1080481
03:08 pabs3: they seem to show up when playing video, does this mean some video decoding stuff on my GPU isn't yet supported?
03:11 kherbst: pabs3: on supported hardware, it requires firmware, right
03:12 kherbst: it can be extracted from the binary driver, but those files aren't distributable
03:12 kherbst: so users have to extract those themselves or use packages which will do that
03:13 pabs3: ok, so I guess the reverse-engineering/reimplementing hasn't been done for my GPU
03:14 kherbst: it hasn't been done on any GPU
03:15 pabs3: oh, this page says it has for VPE v2 https://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/VideoDecoding/
03:16 kherbst: okay, let me rephrase it: REing might have been done, but we have no open source firmware afaik
03:16 kherbst: I think the earlier chips don't require any firmware, so those might be fine as well, allthough not really implemented anyway
03:17 pabs3: ok thanks for the info
14:19 YamashitaRen: Hello
14:20 YamashitaRen: I'm trying to make nouveau work on an old laptop (Quadro NVS 135M) but it doesn't seem to load completely...
14:20 kherbst: YamashitaRen: any error inside dmesg?
14:21 YamashitaRen: Hmm, I'm goind to look.
14:21 YamashitaRen: Here something I got : https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/PrFnhKCSqy/
14:25 YamashitaRen: "nouveau" or "drm" doesn't report anything.
14:28 kherbst: YamashitaRen: seems to use the llvmpipe driver
14:28 YamashitaRen: All I find display related in dmesg is "vesafb".
14:28 kherbst: mhhh
14:28 kherbst: YamashitaRen: anything weird in the kernel command line or /etc/modprobe.d/?
14:29 kherbst: "grep nouveau /etc/modprobe.d/*" might return something
14:29 YamashitaRen: Ohoh
14:30 YamashitaRen: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/rfpKwMkHWS/
14:30 YamashitaRen: Let's delete theses ugly files.
14:31 kherbst: :)
14:33 kherbst: YamashitaRen: you might have to regenerate your initramfs after that
14:35 YamashitaRen: Just rebooted. Seems good.
14:35 YamashitaRen: Thanks kherbst, this (dumb) issue was really annoying me :)
14:36 kherbst: cool
14:36 kherbst: YamashitaRen: didn't the removal of the nvidia package cleaned that file up?
14:37 kherbst: I think we should report that to nvidia as this is clearly their bug
14:37 YamashitaRen: This is a very old computer
14:37 kherbst: wondering though why that didn't happen already...
14:37 kherbst: ohh
14:37 kherbst: so most likely left over files or something?
14:37 YamashitaRen: THe file could have been here for years...
14:37 YamashitaRen: Yep.
14:37 kherbst: I see
15:01 YamashitaRen: Amazing, seems like I can now watch videos without freezes, excessive frame drops and A/V desynchronisation !
19:35 Habbie: i'm going to rudely ask: has anybody else had trouble with nouveau on debian buster on a thinkpad extreme x1?
19:36 Habbie: i'll turn this into a way more specific question later if this does not have the extreme luck of poking somebody who knows exactly what's up
19:37 gnarface: on irc it's usually a good idea to lead with the more specific version of the question. you're almost never gonna trick someone who actually knows what's up to answer a vague question
19:38 gnarface: the vague version of your answer, from someone who definitely does not know what is up with the thinkpad extreme x1 though, is that yes, everybody else has had trouble with nouveau
19:39 gnarface: there's so many troubles with nouveau in fact, that you are gonna need to be more specific to distinguish yourself from expected, known failure cases
19:39 HdkR: At least it has a GTX 1050TI instead of an MX150. The latter would have all the problems :P
19:42 kherbst: Habbie: most of the time "new" hardware and debian won't go well together
19:43 Habbie: kherbst, that i know, that's why i picked debian buster, which isn't officially released yet, but might still be 6 months behind on some things i suppose
19:43 kherbst: mhh, 6 months _should_ be fine
19:43 kherbst: depends on the issue though
19:43 kherbst: _but_
19:43 kherbst: I guess because you have a laptop you might run into the runpm issue
19:43 kherbst: and usually the best workaround for that is simply to boot with nouveau.runpm=0
19:44 kherbst:is thinking we might just disable runpm on all laptops with _PR3 support until Nvidia gets their shit together
19:51 HdkR: kherbst: Sounds like you'll be disabling PM on all laptops forever then
19:51 kherbst: HdkR: ohh, only those with _PR3
19:51 kherbst: but yeah, that's the idea
19:51 kherbst: what's the alternative?
19:51 kherbst: users dealing with locked up machines?
19:52 kherbst: the binary driver doesn't support it either
19:52 kherbst: which makes reverse engineering the issues super painful
19:52 HdkR: yep yep
19:53 Habbie: kherbst, thanks - if a vague question like mine only gets one vague hint at a kernel commandline, it's already useful
20:17 Habbie: .runpm=0 still yields an error even before i unlock my encrypted disk, and no working graphical session
20:18 Habbie: (typing from a video) nouveau 0000:01:00.0: fifo: fault 00 [READ] at 00(lots of zeroes) engine 1f [PHYSICAL] client 07 [GPC0....
20:19 Habbie: 1f or lf, i think 1f
20:19 gnarface: google says that is an ODB-II engine check code :)
20:20 Habbie: haha
20:20 Habbie: i know what that means
20:21 Habbie: i also know where my OBD-II (not ODB!) dongle is
20:21 Habbie: but i'm pretty sure
20:21 Habbie: it won't help here
20:21 gnarface: googling a bit harder, i found a bug report that suggests this might work: options nouveau noaccel=1 runpm=0 nofbaccel=1 modeset=1
20:22 Habbie: in recovery mode nouveau is preventing shutdown, meanwhile
20:22 Habbie: gnarface, thanks, checking
20:23 Habbie: gnarface, looks like i want nouveau.noaccel=1 nouveau.nofbaccel=1 ... then
20:23 Habbie: gnarface, for the kernel
20:23 gnarface: yea, i think...
20:24 cyberpear: Habbie: I was only able to get nouveau working on that machine w/ a custom patch that's unacceptable upstream
20:24 Habbie: as i just found a similar page (the same one perhaps?) and it was for modprobe.conf
20:24 cyberpear: (turn it off, then on again)
20:24 Habbie: which would be way too late for me
20:24 Habbie: cyberpear, oh
20:24 Habbie: cyberpear, wait, turn what off then on again?
20:24 kherbst: mhhh
20:24 kherbst: weird
20:25 cyberpear: the unacceptable patch effectively turns off then back on the video card; I don't really know how/why it works, but it can't go into any shipped kernel
20:25 gnarface: if turning the video card off then on again works, might it also work to just suppress nouveau from loading at all until after the boot up is completed?
20:25 Habbie: cyberpear, ah, right
20:25 gnarface: or does it need to actually init twice for some weird reason? (nothing would surprise me)
20:26 kherbst: it doens't turn off the gPU
20:26 kherbst: only the PMU on the GPU
20:26 kherbst: and "turn off" is also not quite right
20:26 kherbst: more like disabling it
20:26 cyberpear: ^ he actually knows what's up
20:26 Habbie: cyberpear, on what OS/distro was that?
20:26 cyberpear:is just an end-user here
20:26 cyberpear: this was fedora-29
20:26 Habbie: ok
20:26 Habbie: i did find https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Lenovo_ThinkPad_X1_Extreme
20:26 Habbie: which says 'nvidia' instead of 'nouveau'
20:27 Habbie: but i'm not sure what that means
20:27 Habbie: (table, top right)
20:27 cyberpear: that's the proprietary driver shipped by nvidia
20:27 Habbie: ah
20:27 Habbie: i thought i read that was no longer a thing, i guess i misread
20:27 cyberpear: it mostly works
20:28 Habbie: i see 'nvidia-kernel-dkms' in debian buster
20:28 cyberpear: that might work for you, but is unrelated to nouveau
20:28 Habbie: that i understand
20:29 Habbie: the honest response would be 'i am here to get things to work' which at least -started out- as 'nouveau' is complaining, but i see how that may turn off topic :)
20:30 gnarface: Habbie: nvidia official packages are in non-free in debian. non-free wouldn't be enabled by default in debian unless you selected it at installation time
20:30 Habbie: gnarface, i enabled them by editing sources.list, yes
20:31 Habbie: gnarface, without the nonfree firmware, my system works fine, although i get a very strong impression i'm running strictly on the integrated i915 then
20:31 Habbie: i should point out that i barely know what i'm doing on this topic
20:32 gnarface: Habbie: you're probably right about it defaulting to the intel onboard video in that case
20:32 Habbie: in semi-related news i note that in most things i tried, 'switcheroo', the debian service for comfortably using two GPUs, fails to start up
20:32 Habbie: supporting that suspicion about sticking to i915
20:37 Habbie: gnarface, with those flags i appear to have a working system
20:37 Habbie: how do i figure out how my wayland (via gnome) is rendering? i.e. on which GPU?
20:37 Habbie: oh i do still have that one fault in the logs..
21:21 gnarface: Habbie: sorry, i don't know anything about wayland. i'd assume it has a log like xorg though...somewhere
21:30 cyberpear: Habbie: you were able to get nouveau working with 'noaccel=1 runpm=0 nofbaccel=1 modeset=1'?
21:31 Habbie: cyberpear, i'd like to answer 'yes' in short, but the long answer is 'with that, and firmware present, my gnome session works'
21:31 Habbie: cyberpear, and without those options, it does not - i also see various things in dmesg that suggest nouveau is happier than without those options
21:31 Habbie: cyberpear, but i have no idea who is rendering my screen at that point
21:33 cyberpear: does 'lsmod' show nouveau among loaded modules? -- I'm going to try that particular combo tonight to see if I can get away w/o a custom kernel
21:34 cyberpear:wonders whether suspend and/or hibernates will work w/ this config
21:35 Habbie: my thinkpad wakes up, slowly but reliably, in the no-firmware setting
21:35 Habbie: i haven't tried firmware+your settings for that yet
21:35 Habbie: this is while power is connected, btw
21:36 Habbie: i do see nouveau in lsmod right now
21:36 cyberpear: I hope to try it out for myself in a few hours... when you say 'firmware', what do you mean? -- is there something else you had to install?
21:36 Habbie: but between my five reboots today, i'm unsure what my current situation is
21:37 Habbie: cyberpear, debian buster's firmware-misc-nonfree package is what i mean - without it, my system is stable but i'm almost certain i'm not using the nvidia at all
21:37 cyberpear: ok, I see
21:37 Habbie: cyberpear, with it, my system does 'nothing', until i add those flags, then it works again, but i don't know who is rendering my stuff then
21:43 Habbie: ok, even without firmware, lsmod shows nouveau
21:43 Habbie: looks like my previous boot, which i answered your question from, was like that as well
23:46 ellyacht: can someone please explain to me what nouveau actually is?
23:49 kherbst: ellyacht: short answer: open source driver for Nvidia GPUs
23:50 ellyacht: OK sweet thank you. that's what I was thinking. so then is it safe to say that a lot of distros come with the nouveau driver precompiled in the iso?
23:53 kherbst: yes