15:25 MichaelP: Running xf86-video-nouveau on nvidia GeForce GT 730.. Youtube playback is choppy and scrolling on web pages is choppy..
15:29 MichaelP: my 20-nouveau.conf ... https://bpaste.net/show/81cbcaca0dd1
17:53 kubast2: Hmm what do I need for nouveau to run on Optimus? It feels like every 2nd/3rd time I get it to show up in xrandr as a provider
17:54 kubast2: I'm not sure why it works this way now
17:55 kubast2: nouveau is loaded tbh
17:56 kubast2: okay
17:56 kubast2: so I think IK how it works
17:56 kubast2: but I need to check
17:56 kubast2: I need to manually load nouveau module and then launch glxgears with DRI_PRIME=1 and then it actually launches
17:56 kubast2: I think
17:58 kubast2: Okay I forced DRI3 for intel driver via conf.d
17:58 kubast2: and I think that did it and it works now right away
17:58 kubast2: and the DRI_PRIME=1 doesn't get randomly interpreted as intel gpu
17:58 kubast2: anymore
18:01 kubast2: well so did the lock ups stop
18:01 kubast2: or so I think
18:01 kubast2: *random self-recoverable freezes
18:02 kubast2: just by using dri3
18:07 kubast2: ah and now I remeber I was compilling some out of tree patch to get temperature readings